Closer to harvest

Should be about another week till harvest.


More pics. Gorilla Glue 9 weeks from switch to 12/12.


Huge ol girls great job on the growing…

Happy growing

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Big babies!!!

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3 days later

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I’m flipping to flower soon!
My last grow had spots of mold here and there, is there a spray (organic if possible) I can use during the entire flower stage to save the buds from catching mold? I have an outdoor greenhouse TENT and do not have the means to run an electrical line out there for fans. Hawaii has pretty good Tradewinds but the rain and moisture is really high at times.
Thanks in advanced for your help.

Try a 50/50 mix of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mist plants and buds a couple of time a week should help with mold.

Thanks for the advice, I’ve been reading that from a bunch of people and doing the “google research”