Closer to harvest time

Harvest is coming soon as our temps begin to drop. We could get a frost in a couple of weeks but things are looking good right now. Growing AC/DC for CBD products and OG Kush. AC/DC is 2 plants and about 4 1/2 feet tall and shrub like. OG KUSH are monster plants 8 1/2 feet tall and covered in buds. They look like Christmas trees from our porch with white ornaments on them.! We are a legal mmj grow in Washington State. IMG_7547|374x500


Nice plants great job

Thanks, so far so good!

Beautiful looking plants you have there @kolive

Well my my we may just start following what you do with grows like that very nice

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Pretty easy really. I use a two part vegetative fertilizer and a two part bloom fertilizer. Watering is automatic with drip system and timers. No babying of these plants. Starts of AC/DC CAME FROM Portland Oregon and seeds from This site.


@kolive awesome job!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thanks. They are a beautiful plant!

Looking good: I see a lot of yellow fans as the buds steal their nitrogen. Normal for this point. Keep watching those trichomes: You want a lot of amber to get good CHB production.

Checking them daily. All trichomes are milky right now, some pistils are turning red/brown. I expect amber trichomes anytime now. Night temps getting into the mid 40’s. I am reducing watering times as well to avoid any powdery mildew potential. Daytime high still in the mid 70’s.

Zoom in for close ups. There is some white threads that are from cottonwood seeds that drift thru the garden, no spider mites or insect infestations at all, herbicide and pesticide free.

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They are awesome! And I like your KISS method of growing. The simpler, easier, most economical route is perfect for me :blush:

Wow she looks awesome, very nice wish I could taste .

Doing a one bud harvest today to check it out. The bud weighed 1oz at harvest and I cannot get my fingers round it in one photo. Photos show the 2 bushy ac/dc plants and the 4 tall OG Kush plants and. Photo of a bud from the OG Kush with my hand in the background shows how long they are, over 10”. Still waiting on amber trichomes.


Harvest update. Last night on the 6:00 news they said frost warning for my area so we went out and harvested 4 of our 6 plants and left two out because we ran out of time. Well, no frost os they did fine. But I tried the OG Kush from a sample I took two days ago and it is just fine, a nice head high with energy and ability to do things very well. Pretty much exactly what I want. More on the Sativa side than the Indica side. So now the two remaining plants get more time to develop the amber trichomes. Here are photos of the harvest dplants hanging in the barn to await trimming and a close up of one of the OG Kush buds on the two plants still in the garden.

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They look awesome :clap:t2:. I keep looking at the extended weather forecast and hopefully my Widows can finish up before first frost. Right now we’re dealing with rain and more rain :cloud_with_rain: so keeping an eye out for Rot.
Nice barn BTW I miss having one :frowning:

I missed the freezing alert.

think she’s shot now

The barn is a blessing! Used for so many things.

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I know!!! I also like the smell of barns, particularly with a horse :racehorse: in it :blush:

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@Snowman: Yeah, that plants probably a goner, but the cold doesn’t hurt the THC that’s already there. Just pick it and go through the normal drying and curing process. Now you know to start earlier next year, or come up with a way to finish them inside. I’m very fortunate not to ever have to worry about frost. It snowed here a couple of years ago for about 15 minutes. Before that I remember it snowed for a few minutes in 1967.

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