Close to harvest?

Hi All!

First harvest here. I believe she is close, but unsure of how close. She’s a White Widow photo at roughly 43 days. I say roughly because I had an extended veg during pre-flower and flipped kinda late.

Attached is a picture of one of the side buds. The top cola is showing signs of some ambering trichomes, and I did see some on some of the sides as well. Unsure of how to proceed for when to snip.

Any advice is appreciated and will happily provide further information! Thanks so much.


Check them with a loupe or microscope, depending on buzz you want will depend on when you chop. I like a 20-30% amber. Gives nice body and head buzz. Anymore than that to me is like taking a muscle relaxer and getting stuck on couch and sleeping most the day. More amber means more narcotic type sleepy couch lock. No amber and I’m just kinda head buzzed dumb founded and forgetful but wired up wandering around bored. It’s all about personal preference, technically all cloudy before amber is highest THC less CBD, More CBD

when amber and THC starts to lessen. When you decide what type of buzz your looking for it just a matter of taking them down. I give them a 48-72 hr dark period , no lights. Then I chop and trim. I trim them wet and place on drying racks. Some people hang them roughly a week and trim dry. It’s all about what you like.

thank you for that information! that makes total sense. I am shooting for what you stated as your preference. When you say 20-30% amber, do you base that off of all of the buds, or an average of all of the buds? That is where I am having difficulty determining the right time.

I do have a small microscope, so feel I still have some time for growth, but will be keeping a close eye on the amber turning.

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I start checking top buds. Lowers may not mature as quick because lack of light. So On average over plant , you may also selectively harvest, take the one’s that are ready and let the others mature. Depends on the strain and how it’s growing

Looks like you still got a couple weeks, I’d go water only at this point to clear out some of the excess nutes before harvest.


@BigJ and @Hellraiser both have you set straight Congratulations on the upcoming harvest she looks delicious.

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thank you all so much! So excited and appreciate the confirmation; I thought a couple more weeks also. I am drooling, but don’t want to skimp on the best part!