Close to harvest


Let’s see if the photos load.


Nice. What strain?


It’s the ILGM white widow and super skunk.

They just started getting yellow leafs. Stopped all the nutrients about 1 week ago. And I think I have about 1-2 weeks from harvest.


Got ya a microscope or jewelry loupe to see trichs?


I found this guide . Maybe it will help .be1ebf03c649f8dc651cd136749be85b865adc1c_1_435x499 .


I think I might see nanners in the 3rd pic. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @dbrn32 is anyone else seeing that?


Yep, I see it and that’s definitely what they appear to be.


I also agree thats what it look like to me as well


Looks like a cluster of nannas


@Darksheex how far into flower are you? Are those nanners on all the buds? Those carry pollen and can cause seeds in you’re weed. If you’re trichomes are mostly cloudy, I would take it ASAP. Just my opinion


I’m agree @MattyBear