Close to harvest - possible nutrient issues

Hey fellow growers. I have two Bruce Banners that are currently just finishing week 9 of flower. One seems to be doing very well. The other has struggled on and off during the grow and although looks close to harvest, this will def be a LOT less yield then her sister.

I was not monitoring pH well (meaning at all) through most of the grow due to a really crappy pH pen. I finally replaced it and now believe this may have been most of the issue all along. Although they were both planted from the same bag of soil, there is a pretty dramatic difference in runoff pH from plant to plant. Some of the base info follows:

  • Method: Soil Happy Frog with extra perlite added
  • Vessels: 3 gallon fabric pots in 3 x 4 x 6H tent
  • Water: Municipal tap water, aerated and aged, with Jack’s 3-2-1
  • pH of Water: In 6.8, runoff 5.8
    *** PPM**/TDS or EC (i jotted these down but cannot find my notes, didnt add to my grow log… ugh, shaking head). they didnt SEEM bad to me, but what do i know
  • Indoor
  • Light system Mars Hydro TS3000
  • Temps; Day 75-80, Night 65-70
  • Humidity; Day 22-40, Night 50-60
  • Ventilation system; 6" 440 CFM with Charcoal filter in
  • conditioned space, no AC, Humidifier (not running during flower), De-humidifier in tent,
  • Co2; No (just me peeking)

Plant 1 is the one with the VERY low pH on run off (5.8) severe yellowing and small buds
Plant 2 better (not great) run off 6.2 but until it hit week 9 of flower looked very healthy with nice buds that are stacking and fattening up. Maybe a week or so away yet.

I missed my window for pics tonight as the girls went lights out at about an hour ago. i will add some overall pics and perhaps a little “bud porn” in the AM.

Once i add the pics i will link in some folks (no sense until there is something to look at). i just wanted to get the info into the ticket

I have found this to be pretty common with good soils. Roots organics original is the only soil I’ve used where runoff was in the 6.5-7 range. All others are almost exactly 5.8. The only issues I’ve ran across was due to trying to correct the runoff ph. If left alone, everything goes great. Will be patiently waiting for pics.


No pic’s… ? :thinking::upside_down_face::grin::+1::smirk::wink:

Is it one of there soiless mixes cuz soiless gets phed to 5.8 like hydro

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Here are the pics
First, my problem child

Closer 1

Closer 2

Closer 3

Cl;oser 4

Her more well adjusted roommate

Roommate closer

Roommat fatter buds

Roommate bud porn (still lots of clear, 1-2 weeks to go?)

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They are a little [lot?] messy since i pulled the SCROG net off so i could get in and check closer for pests or other issues and to do a more robust defoliation. should have left it on as the canopy was nice and even when in the net. hopefully this close to harvest it wont be an issue.

any comments on my pH issues would be appreciated. thanks in advance

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Plants are fully mature, the ‘problem’ one is showing senescence while the other (pheno) is retaining N a bit better than plant one. You are so far along I would consider flushing ahead of harvest.

Last pic looks like trichomes on sugar leaves: be sure to take sample from flower and not leaves which mature sooner.


@Myfriendis410, Thank you for that. if that girl had been problem free all along, i would have automatically chalked it up to her “last days” but since she had struggled before, well… heck… i PANICED. lol. so, i do appreciate the support.
i would bet that the super zoomed in pic is def from the bud cause i am way to shaky to hand hold them so its a pita to sit the cam somewhere and juggle the plant into position, but now you have me questioning myself (so i am gonna take more budpics).
I was hoping for them to finish so i could clip them before i leave next week on vacation, but you know how females have their own schedule. i will get some aerated tap water ready for my canna-sitter so he can keep them hydrated.

one thing VERY different on this grow (my 4th, yay), is that these girls easiy drank 2-4 times the water once they were a few weeks into flower than any others. they were not my largest, but they have regularly been taking 1-2 GALLONS per plant every 3-5 days just to get a small runoff to test pH. I am thinking they like the new, larger lights. My last grow i had a Mars TS-1000 in my 3x4. this grow, up moved up to a Mars TS-3000.

Thanks again!

The increase in light is directly responsible for the increase in respiration. If you couple that with slightly higher temps and lower RH as a result, it can really cause a lot of water use.

Here’s a chart that might be of benefit:

This shows the ideal zone for growing cannabis based on temp and RH. It’s a handy target to work towards and can explain some increases in water use.

My plants just showed a huge uptick in water use right after turning my lights up. So I feel your pain haha!


She’s close to chop time, will be fine.


The guys got you above, solid replya from @Myfriendis410 as always.
And @Hellraiser is right there, we just haven’t Ed added anything meaningful because @Myfriendis410 nailed it.


Lmao the problem child is doing a problem child pose lmao!

waited another week and a half. they are getting closer. but i think still another week or so. (i swear this feels like the longest part of the grow).

My new Mic stand that i am using to hold my scope does seem to really help me zoom in. if only i can get better at focusing now.




Looking at these a little closer, i am thinking they are gonna get chopped this weekend.