Close to harvest - leaves turning purple ish. concerning?

trichomes are cloudy - larger leaves around flower are turning dark purple. should i harvest ?

Need pics. Have you seen lower temps? That’s usually why triggers the colors but genetics do as well

yes to lower temps. last 3 nights 38 to 45 degrees. live in Connecticut. forecast is much warmer next 5/6 days. only 1 of 4 plants with purple leaves. i don’t know how to up or down load pics. thanks for your help.

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Some plants will be more sensitive to temps. The color change is them displaying their fall colors. The pics can be loaded by clicking the icon below and then selecting the pic you want to upload. Then wait until it fully uploads before hitting reply. You’ll see a check mark when it completes.


Hi Winlun2
Same region, same issue.
Best wishes, good luck.
From what I’ve read so far, it doesn’t sound life threatening.
Keeping up the research. Warmer temps on the horizon.

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Sounds like she’s just giving you a show. Enjoy the colors.