Close call for white mold on white widow

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Thanks for the video link. I used his method.
Except I used 3 5 gal buckits.
1st H2O2 1/2 bottle to 4 gal tap water.
2nd 4 gal tap water and 1/4 H2O2
3rd just tap water
I dipped and soaked for about 1 min , gently shake off, dip in 2,soak and slowly swirl and dip in 3.swirl a bit for rinse. Then I hung in utility closet with fan drying my sneakers,
Lost a lot of trichomes but NO MOLD!!! It was very close to a loss, but thanks to all you guys/gals help, it works really

Thanks and have a Blessed Day!


Great to know its all good on the WPM removal front. I loved this write up by one of our members @Arrow and have been dropping it wherever I can. Hope you dont mind and may come in handy later this harvest or in the future


WoW! that was very great info. Thank you.
Hope to avoid white mold on my new seeds I received grand daddy purple af.
Thanks again.