Clonning from Clones

Hello there,
I am now cloning from my first set of clones witch are starting to flower.
As you can see the flowers on the clones and they are all White Widow.
I take more than I need because you will get some that just won’t make it or they get sick.
if I get 50% i’em a happy camper…lol
The flowers on the clones will stay though out the grow.
Will keep progress updates


Do you put a clear plastic lid over the clones inside the clear plastic container? I got smart and pulled out two clear plastic tote containers myself the other day, several days after I did 38 clones, as some were flopped over of course, I have them completely sealed up in plastic containers, of which I suppose I should drill some sort of vent holes, seemingly. I figured those that flopped over while rooting(if they ever do) could likely get less damaged if in a very humid environment. For me, it is all thinking and doing on the fly, expedient, I mean, I thought I would have everything planned out for my first grow, and my first clones, but I didn’t. From the looks of my clones off mother seeded originals, I too should at least get half of what I started, cause half look really nice and not flopped over for some reason. When I really think about it, I think some of the clones I didn’t score a good enough or deep enough slit down the lower portion of the shaft, I have trouble seeing up close, need bifocals I guess. Wal mart has better clear plastic totes than what I have, those that are very clear and not rough opaque on the bottom, just clear with clear lids, for allowing more starter lamp light transmittal, but I am trying not to blow loads more cash than I really have to.

Yup…clear plastic cover came with the container. Don’t drill any holes in the cover all I do is leave it open just a little so freash air can come in cause they have to breath to…lol I then mist the plants just alittle and the underside of the cover twice maybe 3 times a day
My next containers are going to be much taller so that I can clone plants 8 - 10 tall


Here is an update on my 3rd generation clones all WW
ther is over 50 here


That looks like my clones…,Sort of.

I use a pray called no-wilt, or I go to Wally’s and get a product by Miracle grow called leaf shine. Both have a waxy content and when sprayed on fresh cuttings, the result is firm clones.

I also suggest you trim the tips off all leaves to allow the plant less foliage to keep alive.

Yeah, I got a little concerned reading about your lid left open a crack, I mean I need as many clones as I can get to survive, and after reading your words I was like immediately up and heading straight for my clones, I went in and created a gap between the lid and the container dome, unsure if they need fresh air inside or not so bad, they went several days completely closed up and no problem, a lot of them look a lot better. Actually, I think I could get the same effect by drilled a few holes near the bottom of the container area near the lid below the tops of the solo cups, cause I have the bottoms of the containers on top as “domes”, cause the lids are white plastic and not transparent, those lids sit on the floor with the plants in a plant tray on them. I mean, 100% humidity, maybe it was too much, or too much passed several days. I can see various starts that the leaves had gotten damaged from the cloning process, drying before put in the home made chambers, the younger soft leaves, but if the main parts survive and root, that is good enough.

I like that idea of a leaf spray to protect against excessive wilting, I need to get something like that for later use, and I did cut most of the larger leaves in half like I seen in a youtube video. My clones I just put quart zip lock bags over the top and rubber banded over the solo cups, two of them, completely sealed up as experimentation that method, they look like normal small plants right now, getting diffused light through a closed shade slats.

Thank you Latewood I thought was forgetting something…I’ll trim my babies later today.
I will check into that No-Wilt or the Miracle leaf Shine I have never heard of this before but I will look into it…Thank You again


Has anyone used the old method of putting stems in a glass of water for several days or until roots are seen extending? I mean, that is what I call the old method, I suppose, without rooting hormone, etc, I mean, I swear I sort of have seen marijuana stems cloned this way, or it was something else then.

I was going to try that but didn’t this time but, I just thought I can out to the grow room and do a couple snips and see what happens.
I just took 10 clones and i’ll do them old school way
I’ll keep an close eye on these just to see if they root and how long it takes.

Here they are in plan rain water

Yeah, that is interesting, probably would be even better if you had one of them aquarium bubblers oxygenating the water, something I thought of doing. Of course, I don’t have anything to clone yet to try, everything I have it in solo cups, now a week old, 80% look good, 10% look bad, and 10% look bad-ish and could survive with fresh shoots off the side if they root correctly, but I’ll be happy with 80% success rate on 38 clones, all started on April 7. I just swear when I was a kid I seen stems of marijuana, usually one or two at a time thrown in a glass of water. I do know it does indeed work for other plants, I have indeed done things for various houseplants.

If they take root after awhile which i think they will, i mite just switch to doing it that way. Cutting more cost ou.
What i’em doing now is to fine tune my grow room.
1.) Lights…1000w to 600w save on elect bill and most of all keeping the heat down which i won’t have to run my AC as much saving more there
2.Nutrients…Roberts…to high in price. There are many products out there just as good but far less exspenive.
3.)mic. bullshit…like rook wool cubes pots, buckets

These are some things that you are going to take a look at real soon, if not starting now.


I’ve been using my 600 watt led ipower led light, which basically uses 500 watts real power useage, and it is indeed cooler running than 8 t5 lights, in an enclosed space, of which I started running my beginner tent with the door unzipped.
My next phase is getting right on down serious, going out to my 10’x16’ outdoor small building/shed, and sectioning off half or more of it for my medicinal uses. AS soon as I can, I too will do this water glass method, I think it could lead to less shock to cuttings if done properly. I already bought a Walmart aquarium bubbler for a low price, originally for water germinating seeds, but, ummm, it will obviously be awhile before I have to germinate any seeds. Maybe a little weak solution of fertilizer, like miracle grow powder, making the water rooting boosted water very very weak. Maybe with the bubbler, then boom shakalaka, boom easy speasy. I’ll likely try this with just cutting and putting in a glass of water without anything added, to see for myself what can happen, I’ve seen it before on houseplants successfully, many times.

In fact, my two best plants, never damaged by my knuckleheaded overwatering, etc, they are vibrant, healthy, and apparently in need of some trimming off of suckers(small clones), and as I already discovered, the younger/smaller starts are very easy to start a clone with, not one of them drooped over on my clones, and originally I thought I was wasting my time, I HAD ACTUALLY TRASHED A FEW SMALL STEMS, I mean, crazy now that I think about it, just cause they were small, I mean, when I think about how small a freshly started seed is, I laugh, when I look at the most vibrant clones.

Super Thrive works great ! 1/4 tsp per gal water.
My parents had 3 20x60 greenhouse’s on there farm and I watched them grow all kinds of plants from clones. Dam they had the green thumb …lol

at home depot you can buy a 300w bulb fluorescent that uses 68w elec and puts out 4200 lumens for under $20.00 i’em not sure of the socket size I just went to there electric section and found one that fir and then connected it to a plug in cord and there you have an inexspencive clone light

here’s two pic’s to show ya



Yeah, I want to experiment with screw in fluorescent bulbs sometime, maybe soon myself, seems like a great idea that has worked for some, in very small spaces, oh, like if I wanted to experiment with some plant methods, but my main spaces were already in use and filled up.

Speaking of clones, just like clockwork, I made it my mission it seems to damaged and kill my new clones, most of them, when they were doing well enough, cause generally it had been warm in my home and houseplants go dry real quick, but I was just going through the motions and “watered” additionally my clones, didn’t think it was so much, and looked about a day and a half later, and the solo cups were sitting in water, something I already know is a bad thing, I of course, was suffering with my sinus attacks and bogus over the counter medicines making me want to sleep and such.

So, if I end up with about ten clones, from the looks of it, I can continue to keep my seven seed started plants alive, after four or five of them received considerable damage, just two are taking a bit longer to fully recover with newer undamaged growth, and oh, fresh cloneable material popping up at the bottoms. I mean, when I did my clones, I wasn’t set up properly, I just did the cuttings and put the solo cups in my computer room, then days later I took some old clear plastic totes and set up my cloing light in my kitchen floor! I guess all I need to do now knuckleheaded is put clones near my shower stall in the bathroom, and smoke a joint or two, shower and reach for shampoo and dump a clone on my head or something, I mean, I keep on making mistakes like I am gardening after doing some pot, but I have barely even used any since I bought some at a dispensary. HA, OH WELL, I have an idea I wouldn’t make any mistakes if I had made up some edibles and indeed was gardening while high.

Already two of the good undamaged plants(fingers crossed) are pretty much ready for some trimming, errrr, meaning cloning, I aint worried about what has happened to my other clones, “live and learn”, apart from keeping my thinking in check while trying to do my “work”, and responsibilities in town, and everything else, I screwed up my clones while basically coming in late and unwell, and tired.

Right now I am lining up all my free literature on said subject, I even bought a marijuana encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes, the new one, and will buy more, at least when I read a book I generally remember almost everything I read in that book or books.

Yeah; In elementary school. We do not like this for Cannabis; As the light promotes algae growth

Get away from all the CFLs. I would invest in a nice T5 set up. It is well worth the money, This advice is for cloning :slight_smile:

Thank you Latewood, I didn’t know this. I’ev used these before and had no trouble.
But I will take your advice and switch over tonight I got some extra ones in the grow room
If your advice is for cloning than it could be used else where then Right?
I have used it on seedlings with no problems


It’s not so much the CFLs, light is light, but T5s tend to be even brighter than CFLs and create less heat and use less electricity to produce the same lumens. And the fact that you are not light proofing, or I think maybe that is what he might have been talking about from your one picture, the soon to be root area.

Light promotes both algae, which can kill and choke your plant’s soon to be developing roots, and the light promotes chlorophyll production which will reduce the production of roots in the clones’ cut stems. It can be done in an open glass, I know lots of old hippies that used to do it that way all the time, but light proofing them, google or you tube home made bubble cloners, you will see lots of easy ways to make a simple cloning container that will both be light proof and by adding an aquarium pump and airstone, you will dramatically increase your success rate.

I just watched a guy on YouTube build a bubble cloner and he cut the bottom of the net pots out and said just using the neoprene collar works good,is that true or is it just best to leave the net pots the way they are

Both have their uses. I do use a light proof foam plug as a collar to hold my clones in my bubble cloner and no need for rockwool or hydroton clay pebbles. I keep some of the net pots intact as I do use them with rockwool or peat plugs to germinate seeds with. I don’t use mists, I just have a highly aerated light proof container and have about an inch of the clone’s stem directly in the water.