Cloning with aloe Vera


I m going to try it too!


@HvtAna1988 If you need assistance, just tag me, I’ll be there shortly, good luck my friend


Great root system


@Laurap Thank you, she does, She was feed cocowater and now growing in her new home. great results!


Well done my friend you have proved it can do it no problem :v:️.


Just did two clones tonight with your aloe method. Question; do you continue to use the aloe water for subsequent waterings of the same clones? Or do you start the coco water?


I just use R.0. Water or rainwater on my clones, I don’t water them to often mabye every other day, very little, they don’t have a root system yet. You’ll see new growth that means roots have began to grow, once new growth has established start the cocowater feeding. Best of luck my friend, any questions and I will be here to answer shortly