Cloning with aloe Vera


Hi, bonnie, I am new to this forum, but also from upstate ny. I have only one outdoor plant that has just begone flowering 2weeks ago. When should I take lower branches to clone so I have a head start on next season?


If you take clones from a budding plant, they become super cropped. You just follow the same procedure you would use normally for clones. It may take a bit longer for them to start showing new growth because essentially what you will be doing is restarting veg cycle. But yes, now would be a great time to do so. In fact, I’m gonna try a super cropped clone myself!


You mean to say “monstercropped.” “Supercropping” is when you soften a branch between your thumb and finger enough for it to bend over, usually to control height.


Your right! My bad. Lol. My mind has been elsewhere today. Monstercropped. Lol


@Mrcrabs Thought I would update you on my two successful clones. They are still doing well and I’m now attempting 2 monster crop clones. Here’s a pic of the successful clones;


@Drillbit, sweet my friend, happy for you, no more buying seeds. It should get easier every time. Keep up the great job


Well I don’t know about not buying seeds but this will certainly increase my yields every year. Still got a lot of different strains I want to grow plus wanna do some autos.


So is there a big difference between ‘monstercropping’ and cloning or is it just terminology for the location taken from and stage of the mother plant


Monstercropping is simply cloning, but taken from a flowering plant. When you reveg a monstercropped clone, it grows very vigorously, in an attempt to catch up with it’s mother. ie, “What the hell? What is this tiny little body we’re in now? It’s WHATmonth?! Shit! I’m late! …”


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i have a monstercropping still trying to reveg it now. Good to know tho! She has been cut about a week now


I’m considering trying one. I have a lemon skunk clone about 3-4 weeks in, and there’s a straggler that’s right between too short to be worth much and ahhhh she’ll make it to the canopy, that would make a good one.


I actually spotted a couple stems woth great clone potential on my berry auto. I just want to attempt it to be attempting. But that would be such a waste. Maybe j can clone her n let it flower alone. May yeild a bit more :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5:


That’s exactly what I was going to do. Just to do it, and see.


Please don’t clone the auto. It will produce more left on the plant.


Just was temptd. I shall refrain lol


Yesterday was “JEFF! pay attention, some of these plants are autos” day lol


Heres my clones all grown up gettin ready to flip the switch on the 1st of oct.!

IMG_0507|374x500 IMG_0506|666x500 I kept this one in a one gal. pot (experimental) just for you @Laurap, so, yes it’s possible to clone, delay there growth and use clones when ready. Most of these clones where delayed due to lack of room indoors. .


Even when you don’t give us any new tips and tricks, @Mrcrabs, your pictures are inspiring!


Thank you my friend. I’m glad you wre inspired


Do you cut the tips off your leaves ?
May be stupid question, newbie here and am curious to know why?