Cloning with aloe Vera


Just was temptd. I shall refrain lol



Yesterday was “JEFF! pay attention, some of these plants are autos” day lol



Heres my clones all grown up gettin ready to flip the switch on the 1st of oct.!

IMG_0507|374x500 IMG_0506|666x500 I kept this one in a one gal. pot (experimental) just for you @Laurap, so, yes it’s possible to clone, delay there growth and use clones when ready. Most of these clones where delayed due to lack of room indoors. .



Even when you don’t give us any new tips and tricks, @Mrcrabs, your pictures are inspiring!



Thank you my friend. I’m glad you wre inspired

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Do you cut the tips off your leaves ?
May be stupid question, newbie here and am curious to know why?

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Whats up mrcrabs hows life treatin ya?



Hey what’s your method for germination of seeds… because my 2 decades + of doing the same 2 ways is currently not working and I’m losing a ton of money, I normally do paper towel Ziploc after 48 hours in water , but that’s not working, or I do just cup of water 3-6 days and ready to go… all the feminized I ordered are growing and germinate as they should , but every strain I got that’s not feminized either won’t germinate at all, or if it does get a tap room they don’t grow, but the feminized from same company msnl grow great, as well as and feminized, but msnl reg seeds I’m at a 80% loss because I can’t get them to germinate, please help me if you know of any tricks



How do i identify aloe?

I bought this at a grocery store. Is it the right plant?

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Sorry, just getting back home, I couldn’t respond due to lack of internet at job site. @nissan720cruiser13. Yes it trimm some of the leaves, @Dr.DankThumb420 hey buddy it’s been a while I’ve been out town working feels good to be back home my friend.



It looks like aloe, there are many different types aloe. They all contain salicylic acid in the gel, that’s what helps with the cloning my friend looks like your good @basementstealth

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can i split a leaf four way longways slip a fresh cut clone in there and then wrap it up?



I’ve never done it that way before, I just smear some aloe goo on the end of my clone and stick it straight into soil, I’ve had great results.



And you trim leaf tips? Water as usual?



Trimming leaves allows plant to retain moisture and concentrate on making roots, my friend @basementstealth and I like keeping soil moist but not to wet. After your first successful cloning attempt it becomes a thing of second nature, good luck my friend.

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Ive read some growers simply put a fresh clipping in a cup of water until roots develop.

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I tried it once without any luck, but have had great success with bubbler method



Glad to hear.

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Hey, Brother! Long time no see!

I didn’t have luck using it as a cloning gel, but it does great as a feeding suppliment for me!

She gets an aloe leaf’s insides with every feeding. I did use Tiger Bloom and Big Bud a couple times, but the rest of her feedings were runoff from the worm bed mixed with the aloe and some molasses.

Aloes are still kicking along…

Sure wish you could get to the other side! Miss you, Brother!



Looking great brother, it looks super healthy and frosty, long time no see for sure, it’s great to be home. Im glad you for a use for it, aloe’s looking great, keep up the good work. I’ll be in and out from time to time, my old lady has a long list of chores, lol.