Cloning White Widow Autoflower?

I lost the majority of my 20 seeds likely due to rookie mistakes and high temps, but I have two strong survivors that I’d love to clone.
I believe some of the official ILGM advice is you should not clone auto flowers because they mature so fast and it could negatively affect your harvest.

But I’m hoping to give it a shot to try to recoup my seed losses. I was going to follow all the traditional advice and wait some lower branch nodes (ones you might consider removing are six inches long or so).

Does this make sense or is the consensus that it’s too risky? I can see it being a waste, but my remaining 2 plants have thrived in hot temps and I think they’re worth cloning.


The final amount of product at best would be the same as if you just let it go.
With Non-Autos you have time to let the clones grow into full sized plants.
Clones from an auto don’t wait another 3 or 4 weeks to flower. They flower when the original plant does. So you are just splitting up branches and losing time as you have to wait 10 to 14 days for the cutting to root.
Basically its not really going to do what you want.
But take heart, lots of us killed our first pack of seeds, me included.


Got it, I hadn’t considered that the clones would be flowering on the same timeline.

Interesting. Thanks for the encouragement.


Good stuff just learned something. Thanks.