Cloning? Whats the best way


I have never cloned anything. What do i need to propagate the clone. what to do? i need list and all the good details please. i am going to soon start doing a grow that i will want to clone off of and ned to know all i need to before i start.


These growers may have more insight @Texan_flowers
Hope you get the info you need
Never done clones but these folks have some experience


I use my aloe plant and promix or I just use a water bubbler and a bucket


I use a propagation tray, clonex and rockwool to do mine

Super Sprouter Premium Propagation Kit w/ 7" Dome & T5 Light

I haven’t lost a clone yet


What is the “promix” what does it have in it organic or not … if not what chems does it have


It’s very easy. Lots of different techniques work nearly 100% of the time. I use Root Riot cubes that come in a kit with a tray. a dome, and some Clonex gel. I cut the plant about three inches down from a growing tip with a razor blade at a 45 degree angle. Then I use the blade to scrap gently for 1/2" along the bottom of the stem, to get just the outer layer off. Then I dip the cut end in Clonex and stick it in a damp Root Riot cube that I put in the tray. Then I do the next one. This should all take less than a minute each.

I put some pH 5.8 1/2 strength grow nute solution in the bottom of the tray to keep the cubes wet. Then I put the dome on and put it under about 10000 lux light. I have 5000 K COBs but any light source will work. Like one CFL bulb. I mist the leaves and dome every 6 hours with the 1/2 strength grow nutes. Add more 1/2 strength nutes to keep some in the tray as needed. 15 days later you should be able to pop the cubes out and see lots of roots on the outer edges of each cube. Plant in a beer cup with coco or soil without time release nutes, so you can keep the nitrogen level low at first.

I use a transparent cup with holes in the bottom of the sides. This lets you check on root development. But roots don’t like light, so I put those transparent cups inside red cups with matching holes. Once you get lots of roots, transplant into big cloth pots and go full blast on nutes and light.


organic and practically has zero nutrients in it Premier Horticulture 10380RG Pro-Mix Professional Grower Mix, Compressed Bale, 3.8 cu. ft.


O I like this! Thanks for the share.


What is up with the bubblers. What does it help with?


I use a 3 gallon bucket of water with bubbler like what you find in fish tank put a milk carton over it to hold cutlings and let your stems get in water and the water will alow them to root with nothing but water and bubbles @Texan_flowers


The plastic thing with holes? Right?
How does that work, and not just scuffing the bottom of cuttling and putting right in water ?


Yeah at the bubbles from the water will allow it to develop a root I just use the milk carton to set over the top of the 3 gallon bucket upside down so they are submerged in water usually takes about two weeks before they start to root


Is it the motion of said bubbles what starts the growth


@Mrcrabs has some very interesting clones going which were started with aloe vera. Head over there & look as well.


Thanks @Laurap for the tag I have had success both ways aloe Vera and bubbler cloner. If your handy you can make your own, really simple or just buy one if you don’t have the time. @Texan_flowers tag me if you have any questions


Aloe works great I use it as well

my other baby but you can clone with just water it’s cheap


I like the aloe idea, aloe does some great things. i believe i have already gone threw ur posting with aloe. Seems to be going well


Wasn’t me :wink:


Oh, my bad lol well someone just did a nice aloe clone.