Cloning using Hormex and peat

So I have Jiffy peat pods and hormex root hormone. If i take 10 clones and dip them in hormex for 1 min each, then put them in jiffy peat pods. In an ice chest container with a 23 watt CFL over them… Will I have any success? I do not have a humidity dome and I think I do not need one. What do you guys think? 5 headband and 5 caramelicious clones.

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Youbonly need to dip them fir a second and coat stem I’ve never tried it the jiffy pods myself I use 50/50 mix vermiculite and perilite
With ph water robstary my clones
But I think you idea will work as long as possible don’t dry out
You can use 2liter soda bottles with too removed as a doom over each one @MarijuanaEngineer


I’ll tag you tomorrow in my grow journal, @MarijuanaEngineer, its CLONE day tomorrow!! First time grower. So we will see!

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thanks for the info, trying to figure out everything.

No worries! It’s all new to me too, and every step is a learning process.