Cloning, ready for harvest at the same time

A question from a fellow grower:

I live in Canada,Montreal and I
have an outdoor ganja garden.
I have 10 female sativa plants but only 5
of them are mature.So I’m wondering
if I clone the 5 mature ones
(by this week) if it would bud by
time harvest comes.About the
five plants that aren’t mature it’s
because they got planted a little
later,but they are still doing
good but not ready to bud.
Could the 5 not mature plants
bud by harvest time?

I hope this helps. You post got a little confusing at the end.

Rooted Cones can be ready for harvest in 8-20 weeks Do the math backwards from when your temps will be below 60 all the time. Once temps get to the 60 f mark.; Grow season is over. Happy Growing :slight_smile: