Cloning Question from first timer


I took two cuttings from each of three Gold Leaf plants that are 60 days old.

Within a 5 hours of setting the new clones, they all wilted. This morning, eight hours later, they are still wilted. Is this normal or do I need to start over?

Soil is a commercial starting soil with run off pH 6.7
77 F - 80 F 80% rH
18/6 light schedule.

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It’s normal for them to droop for a bit. Not sure what everyone else does, but I’ve always kept them under 24 hours light til rooted.


Thx @dbrn32, I will switch them to 24/0 when I record data this morning.


I actually do the same 24-7 till rooted
They will look worse before they look better also they may shed the ild fan leaves and what not watch for new growth this will tell you that you are rooted
Foliar feed them until the root also helps keep them healthy


Thx @Countryboyjvd1971, what do I use for foliar feeding? I have not done this before?


That depends on what your using for nutrients
Most lines have a foliar spray tho fox farms is Called flower kiss
What line you using


Good point about the foliar feeding too! I have used the liquid clonex, and canna start to do that. I think I’ve also read of people being successful with very weak mixtures of super thrive.


@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 I have been using 1/2 strength FF trio for the couple of weeks.

Used Clonex gel on the starts.

Those are the only products that I have on hand. I will pick up what ever you suggest today.


I would see what wherever you’re going has reasonable price on. If you’re already using ff stuff, grabbing something from their line probably makes sense, should be included in schedule to see when best application points are.

Otherwise, some super thrive should be easy to find and has multiple uses, as well as being a proven root growth stimulator.


Since your using the foxfarm line go with thier foliar spray flower kiss
Also suggest you look into the dry trio they have for flowering work great i still use it and add it to my Remo nutrients as a bloom booster

The bloom booster is just a recommendation
But imo is worth the 40$ and youll have it for several grows


@merlin44 honestly i had my best run when using fox farms when i bought the dirty dozen pack

Again just a recommendation brother but you get the folair spray and dry trio


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 How long should I give these cuttings before cutting my losses and trying again? I am delaying flipping to flower, hoping to get some viable clones before flipping.


Did you remove a bunch of the leaf material with scissors? That helps take the load off and keep them under a dome. Treat them like seedlings and they’ll come back. 2 weeks.


Probably 10-15 days.


If you placed them straight into soil you can be waiting several weeks to a month for confirmation they are rooted which is why most favor pods or pellets of some sort. Some wilt is normal at very start and your temps being 77-80f are not too friendly for a plant with no roots as well you want them under low light levels or further distance from light. Clones have little need of intense light in that all their energy should be focused on rooting not growing so though lights should be on 18/6 atleast intensity should be minimal.


I have some strains which can take as long as 3 weeks and others that root in 5-6 days :wink: and I don’t change my routine I get 95-100% success cloning which I s why I keep mother plants :slight_smile:


That sounds about right. Two weeks is a pretty fair average though correct?


As far as waiting to flip some have better success cloning during transition and early bloom stems are more rigid and N level is lower also plants hormones are different and can be redirected


@Myfriendis410 I only left one set of leaves plus the top and I removed the outer half of each of the fan leaves. They are in a dome. Thx for the reminders.:+1:


What is the ideal temperature for the clones?:writing_hand: