Cloning problems

I lost another clone today. I clean cut them, dipped them in rooting gel, have them in rock wool and I’m misting them daily and are in A dome. They are under flourescent lights 18/6 and on a heating pad…this is my second go around although my first time was rather crude.


I’ve never used rock wool, so I’m not too sure what kind of problems to expect there. But most of the time, too much water is to blame for lack of rooting. If stems can suck up enough moisture there isn’t any incentive for roots to grow.

Did you cut on an angle and scrape bottom inch of stem? When I cut I place directly into glass of water until I I’ve taken whatever I planned for. Then I remove from glass, cut on angle, and scrape bottom of stem with my clean razor. Once that’s done I grab pre soaked rapid rooter and wring out excess rooting solution, then place clone in it and put under dome. I rarely lose clones, and when I do it’s usually because I was lazy.


@ducks welcome to ILGM!

I have followed @dbrn32 process and have about a 98% success rate with clones. Actually it’s becoming a problem LOL A good problem! sometimes it can take 14 days before I see roots. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


As @dbrn32 said, probably too wet.

Take the cubes and fling through the air to get rid of excess water.

Mist the inside of the dome, but not the clones themselves.


Like @dbrn32 said for stem prep and I will add what I do:

inexpensive rooting powder from the garden supply; dip the scraped stem.

I use coco or Promix instead of rock wool which also promotes root growth.

Run the lights 24/0 to maintain capillary action within the plant.

Keep temps around 78F

Distilled water only

Trim back 2/3 of the leaf material to reduce the demand on the cutting.


I do this too, which I believe is best policy for rooting. squirreled out on other stuff and forgot to add.


Thanks…I’ll definitely do this next time! Thank you! I love straight forward answers.

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I didn’t see it mentioned how big the cutting needs to be , I usually don’t start with the stem that’s less than 10 inches long and trim it back to about 7


Think mr crabs has a cloner setup post on here, you should definitely check that out… was either crab or jbum

@Mrcrabs @Jbum


You’ve shortstopped me a few times…


I’ve had success with smaller cuttings.

I usually need 3 nodes and a top. I trim the bottom node and scrape the stem from that node down.


I’m way off on my cuttings, I’ve been too stingy. I might just start all over, I think I got just about everything wrong.


I know how you feel. Trust me. I’m working on my third batch. My first batch 0% success. Second batch was 4 plants in 20-30 cuttings. Now my most recent attempt I’m still working on it. I have a couple dozen cuttings and one with roots so far.

I’m using small drinking water bottles (probably my first mistake) . Then I’m cutting the branch I want to make a clone from mama plant and drop straight into water. This after stem is moistened I pull her out and trim up some leaves to reduce foliage. And trim leaf tips. Then I put them under a cheapo LED work light 24-0.

As I said. I have one rooting so far but some cuttings are just taken yesterday.

I need to get my act together and get a better setup going


If rooting in water an air stone will help a lot.


I use a little DIY cloner with 2 air stones. I’ve had 100% success


I think I could do everything the same but add an airstone/air pump and my success would increase. But alas I haven’t bit the bullet and bought one. Honestly tho I dont need 30 clones… 4 filled my tent beyond capacity anyway. So I guess I’m happy with my low success for now. Lol


But if you had 30 that lived than you could pick the best 4… :+1::wink::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth:
$10 dollar air pump from wallyworld $3 worth of tubing and a $4 air stone… = 98% success rate


I have taken many small cuttings throughout the years, but have found the lager.ones handle the stress better and rebound growth quicker


That may be, but I’ve only taken smaller clones this year and out of approx 40, I lost one. And I think it might have been fine but I pulled it out thinking it wasn’t.

Anyways, plenty of ways to skin a cat.


I’m so screwed. Got home from work and my timer for the clones was down and all the clones are pissed. I could just cry