Cloning or Training time?


Hi. Are these plants ready for cloning? 2 larger plants Germinated 1 Aug, smaller one is approx. 3-4 weeks old. Slow growth because its my first, lots of mistakes…

Have I waited too long to start training them? Should training start when the plants are strong seedlings like the plant on the mid left side of the 1st pic? Thanks


please disregard the ph issues, they’ve been addressed in another post


It’s rarely too late to start training. As the plant ages some stems harden off and become woody, so they can’t be bent or manipulated. Still, there are always new ones.

I’d give it a bit longer before trying to take clones. Have you tried topping or fimming?


Just take clones off the branches you thin off the bottom of plant" Weeks away". And I don’t grow in dirt but I would repot before you start LSD training :clown_face:


Thanks, I’ll revisit cloning in a few weeks. I have plenty of Bangi Haze plants, so I’m not worried about cloning this one, although I probably will clone that particular plant and definitely the Emporer J plant, both plants have survived my many mistakes so I think they must be hardy. Looked up Fimming and Topping, think I’ll try Fimming… Nervous about where to 'Fim" it, will take a better pic before attempting and post it to get some feedback and ensure I’m modding the proper shoot/stem… I figure its got to be the center topmost shoot


Sometimes I fimm when I mean to top, or top when I mean to fimm, but for the most part you can’t screw it up. I just neeed to wear glasses in the tent.


I wouldn’t clone them just yet.


Neither give them another month in veg