Cloning in peat pods, help!

I have only cloned once before and it was with a dwc setup and worked fantastically.
I am trying cloning a second time, this time with peat pods, and there doesn’t seem to be any action and it’s been two weeks.
I am misting daily but I’m unsure about to what extent the root zone needs watering.
Also, take a look at the tray I’m using. The peat pods are wedged into these square slots but I’m concerned I might be restricting the roots from growing outward. Should I get rid of the insert?
How can I salvage these clones??? Thanks in advance for your help.

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They didn’t die so root are coming.

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There are better ways to clone as you found out. I would never use peat pots. For anything lol.

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Do you suggest I wait this one out… or start new clones fresh in the cloner??

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This is how I have cloned with 100% success.
The last step ie putting them in soil can be in any sized pot I use 3” cow pots now but at the time I used peat pots…not what you used but peat pots with soil. Reason I use small pots is managing my space available to fit more in a smaller space until they are bigger and I have more space available when up potting them into larger pots
Aloe Vera is a natural and wonderful rooting agent.

Hope this helps

Follow @Skydiver’s procedure; he has it down.

Actually had a bit of root action. Potted them up and used the Aloe trick on a few.