Cloning help for first time?

right after cloning light or no light . whats the best lighting for them .

I put them under CFLs or small LEDs in a dome until they’re rooted, 10-14 days later. You can get similar results at 18/6 or even 16/8 if that fits your grow setup better, but they’ll root fastest under 24 hours light. Once they’re rooted, they can use the same “night” period to rest, same as any other plant. And once they are rooted, you should treat them (maturity/feeding-wise) the same as you would the mother. A rooted clone is the same “age” as the mother from which it was cut. And don’t worry if they start to wilt and yellow right away…that is the cutting “eating” from the foliage that’s there while it makes roots. Once you have new growth, you have roots. :v:


Solid reply. Bookmarked it for my own good :v:

I put fresh clone cuttings under the same light with same conditions as mother plants.

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@elheffe702 method sounds very similar to what I do. 24 hours light with lower powered light source.


these are my clones at about 5 weeks in . I will post some other pics , I have yellowing of leaves was a problem last grow . very frosty now and sticky at 6 weeks , I will repost them