Cloning, help an old man out

I’ve been cloning plants for over 20 years, the way I do it now is so easy, it’s laughable. Aerobucket cloner - best $50 I ever spent. No doming, no misting, just set it up and let it do the work for you. I get 100% rooted clones, every time.


Heres some pics of my issue.


Maybe check out dewy mister. You can make a inexpensive aero cloner.

I stopped using rock wool cubes because they seemed too soggy wet, I believe the rock wool promotes root rot. I go straight to dirt now.

Some people add aloe vera (juice, gel, pulp), which is supposed to contain alot of plant growth hormones.

Hellraiser, you have piqued my interest. Can you tell me what you start with? I am assuming you put an initial clone product into the little rubber grommets and then you wait and grow the product in the pic and then you go to soil? Am I close?


Here is my process. When I use this I’ve had 100% success rate with about 35 - 40 so far. Almost lost one recently but she too pulled through in the last week.

Many ways to success

Hope this helps.

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Whatever medium you use to clone, whether it’s cubes or soil in pots, you don’t want the media to be wet. Right now, the plants don’t have any roots, so they’re getting the majority of their moisture from their leaves. So, watering the cubes is redundant, and causes the stems to rot. If you keep them in a dome, just mist the dome or the leaves, not the cubes.

My clone process in summary @CadCaman

First I clean the aero-bucket before every use, set up the aero-bucket cloner, fill with hot tap water, some bleach and a little dish soap and let run for 8 hours with new collars in place, make sure pump and sprayer working as it should. Rinse out, fill with 4 gal cold tap water, add 30ml Clear Rez and 80ml of CloneX Clone Solution, adjust pH to 5.6-5.8. I also put in a small fish tank heater in the bucket set to 78F-80F and turn on pump and let it run.

Then I take cuttings, trim off a little leaf or not (notice some of my clones have a good amount of leaf) recut bottom of stem at 45 degrees, and stick them in the collars with about 1 inch of stem below the collar, that’s the part that gets constantly sprayed and grows roots. I use a 125 watt (real watts) CFL a couple feet above bucket 24/0 light schedule and then walk away for 5 days and do nothing other than check thats it’s running and water temp is 78-80F. 5 days later I add another 30ml of Clear Rez, this is the stuff that keeps bad stuff from growing in your water even at the higher temps, rather than trying to keep the water temp cold enough to not grow bad stuff, which is an exercise in frustration as the water pump will heat up the water to 75F anyway.

So after setup, only thing you have to do is add Clear Rez every 5 days and 10-14 days later, you will have rooted clones. Then I plant the clones in solo cups with happy frog soil. No domes, no misting, too easy.

Thank you very much. I saved this out for reference. One more question if you don’t mind; I am wondering if you can tell me the model number of the aero bucket?

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grow cubes sopping wet…bad news

@tanlover442. I think your rite. I think ive allowed them to get too wet. Ive done another set of cuttings. I will keep updated.

5.5 ph soak grow cubes. dry out…moisten, then insert cuttings. Use 9 oz clear plastic cups to watch root progress. Put 4 drainage holes, fill with soil, use another cup as a humidity dome. Mist the dome…only. Twice a day. Cut leaves. dun’t water soil…mist only. Once roots cover inside of cup…transplant. Healthy roots will show after 7days and cover like spider webs in two+ weeks.

Here you go @CadCaman

Thanks :blush:

Figured I would put this up. I had the air pump so I spent 25 bucks in the dewy mister and the rubber things. This is my cloner with one week old cuttings

just starting to get roots


Are those literally “bottom stems” you cut off the plants? The same ones that hit the bottom of my garbage pail?

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Afternoon project

@Hellraiser, Hate to cut in, gonna be brief. Could you on your seedling bucket just have a simple 5 gallon bucket and replace the water every so often. Do you have to have an aerator? @Hellraiser

I have a cloner bucket for sale lol
Only used once pump rotating mister 8 foam witchamagiggers and a bucket.

Got 3 to root and saved the 4th with aloe
Just less hassle with aloe and soil for me
Many ways to the same destination


Without an aerator (water pump and rotating spray head in this case), it wouldn’t be a aero-cloner, it’d be a bubble cloner I imagine and I have no experience with those. I’m sure there are plenty of homemade projects that get the job done just fine. I went from old school rockwool cloniing which always worked for me to this aero-bucket, which always works for me with even less hassle.

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