Cloning from clones

Can cuttings, for cloning, be taken from clones?
If not, why? Since clones are identical to the mother plant.

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Here is just one of many threads on it. The forum search will open a wealth of info to you.

Yes, no problem using a clone to take cuttings from.

I’ve done it myself without loss of quality.

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I have cloned clones for up to 7 years with no issues…
First when choosing a new number of clones , always take the highest tops to get the closest Gene’s from the mother plant that your taking clones from…
They will be the closest match…
Also you must understand that these plants that your cloning must be free from bugs and sicknesses… if not , than you will carry it from clone to clone and as you continue to clone it when its sick and bug infected , plants will get sicker and sicker every time you clone them and then you end up with a wasted crop …
That’s the time when you grow new stock…

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Thanks everyone for the info.

Done its several generations with improved quality each time