Cloning for sex

I was wandering what route to go for cloning to make sure I have a female

If you know you already have a female, any cutting/clone will be the same sex.

However, if you don’t know that you have a female, you can take a clone and put the clone in a flowering light cycle, and in about 2 weeks, more or less, it will show sex. Then you will know what the sex of the plant is that it was cut from.

The cutting that was put into flower, if female, can then be put back into veg for a monster cropped plant, which can then be flowered when it is developed to the size you’d want to flower it at.

And/or the larger plant can be used and grown out to make your flowering harvest from, or be kept as a mother to take future clones from.

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How long after taking the cutting should I wait to change light cycle? Immediately? Days, weeks?

Immediately, sometimes it will show sex before it even roots.


Ok will put it in the dark when I get back home. First time anything indoor. Usually start inside and transplant in outside garden. Tryin a lil Trial and error. Took cutting when I topped, put in water for a couple minutes then in rooting compound then straight into soil in cup

@Dankgrower88 Just remember to spray only for watering while roots take hold ,and spray the leaf as that’s how it will drink for now.

@Coltfire I watered the soil when I planted it, not gona take a root?

It kind of depends on how you clone, personally I use a bubble cloner, and that isn’t much different than Deep Water Culture hydroponics, and so I don’t necessarily need to keep humidity that high or necessarily foliar spray.

Here is an article on cloning to check out:




Awesome thanks for the info @MacGyverStoner

The top clone I cut didn’t do anything except turn yellow and die. Gona try to take one from 2 of my girls tonight to make sure they r girls. And suggestions? Trying with a styrofoam cup and a 2 liter bottle cut in half. Any advice is much appreciated

Here’s what I came out with

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Good luck I tried cloning in soil :cry: Mine died to
Try misting leaves till they root
I finally purchased a little areogarden thing and trying to get clone to root with that the transfer ? Well see what happen figured if it doesn’t work I’ll grow veggies lol

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@garrigan62 How far should I have 90w led above clones? Have it on a 12/12 schedule.


I would say 18 to 20 inches

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Ok will be moving it like yesterday. Have it just a couple inches above nowalso have some cfls if they would be better for clones

this is where it was this is where I moved it to

That’s good right there perfect


How high should I have that light above a plant coming from veg? Will tag you in my grow so you can see what I’m working with. Thanks for all the advice

Ok Please do