Cloning fast version

I have no experience with fast version cloning. I’m told it can be done and isn’t too difficult. My concern is 2 experts have 2 diff opinions. One says fast are actually an auto strain and can’t be cloned with good success, the other says fast version is NOT auto and can be cloned with no issues.
Seed company clearly states( these are not auto)
I have everything I need but wanting some clarification from y’all.

Mother plants for cloning are Bruce Banner fast and Northern lights fast.
Running 24/0 and simple nutrients and spray bottle of ph level tap water.
magnum led old school led as well as spider farm led full spectrum.
Plants look amazing, but, when do most people start cloning form the mother plant.
and do you crop mother plants?
cloning boxes, root stimulator, air stones and pump.
Do I add anything to the water for cloning or just run ph balance tap water?
PS, the back
Plants in buckets are monster crop northern lights, not for cloning.

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Sounds like you should give it a shot and see for yourself.

Everyone is going to be different. Assuming you have a sexually mature plant, take clones when you need to take them.

Crop? You have to cut the clones off to root them. I’m guessing this is self explanatory or I don’t understand the question.

They will typically root in water without issue. But if you have a rooting component that is what most will do.


Thx, I do have a rooting component.
I was just wondering if anybody would trim back larger leaves on a mother plant, or just let it grow naturally with led and soil?

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