Cloning / Dome question


They’re still alive, that’s one sign they’re working. Keep the humidity high and the soil warm and you should know for sure in he next 4-5 days.
It takes a little longer than you think, but they look good and healthy to me.
Yellow leaf is common. It’s feeding on the stuff it can from those larger leaves to feed the other processes.
You’re looking good man!


I was getting worried for a little bit.

I kept my cubes in a ice cube tray and sprayed them down everyday when I misted, moist but not soaked, and didn’t put in dirt till I saw roots popping out, which my first took about 9 days if I remember correctly. Within 5-6 days after that the bulk were showing roots and then I potted them straight to 1gal bags for a SoG.

You’ll have to wait and see new growth before you know for sure, but again, they look great for 9 days after the cut. And definitely don’t mess with them those new roots are extremely tiny and sensitive.

That video is fricken priceless!

If I was still working I would send that to all my staff in the clinic and teach them the art of “being okay with the process”. My staff definitely thought they needed things by 13 hours or human life will cease to exist!

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I find since I took up the hobby of indoor growing i have started to have to remind myself the cart goes behind the horse.
This process certainly teaches patience!!


Welcome to the community Pailku, @Tylersays is giving you some solid pointers. When I clone in soil or coco I use a clear solo cup so I can see the root growth. A couple of environmental needs for them to root. The dome which you have, this will create the humidity needed 65-70%, warm medium and lighting. I clone mine under a T5 fluorescent bulb or my MarsHydro 600. My last clones were in a small hydro cloner and RH was difficult, so I did foliage misting twice daily and with 7 days they were all sprouting roots :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for the help.
Speaking of foliar spray, do I have to buy the CLONEX Mist to spray? It’s kinda expensive and I’ve read that people like you (clone experts) really don’t use those commercial products. What is a good recipe to foliar spray?


No, I just misted mine with PH’d water. 5.8 only because They’re in coco :love_you_gesture:

When I cut my clones I poured a little of the CloneX gel into a shot glass for dipping the stems.
i took what was left and poured it into a spray bottle with distilled water. It was basically enough for the whole rooting period.
Not that the CloneX gel is cheap, but I’ve got TONS left for future use. And at least I didn’t just wash it down the drain.

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