Cloning Cannabis plants



When is the best time to clone your plants? Does it matter if it’s in the vegetative phase or after your plant has flowered?


I wouldn’t take the clone from flowering unless it’s within the first couple weeks. I usually take them in veg. after the plant develops some and then take them from the bottom area. I’ve taken clones from all areas though.


Definitely want to take them in veg because it’s hard to put the plant back into veg. cycle one it’s been in flower especially if it’s been in the flower cycle for a couple of weeks!!


Thank you!


Thank you. I might have to move fast with one of my plants. It has started to flower. The other 2 are still in veg.


I’m pretty you can clone a plant in mid to late flower too. Think its called monster cropping. But yeah, I’d imagine the switch from late flower to veg may be more difficult for the clone.


Yes you can do it but believe it’s not worth the work you have to put in!!


I’ve never done any monster cropping. But I’ve watched videos of people doing it. I’ve only done a couple clones myself but I prefer to do it in veg cycle as well.


Ive taken clones from plants that have been in flower for 10 weeks… no biggie… just takes them a little longer to root , but when they do they go crazy… :wink:
But ideally , i like to take my clones 3 weeks into flower when im cleaning up under the canopy… :wink:



Def clone in veg if you wanna veg the clones out. Also cloning from the younger top half of the plant will give you faster growing clones as they are younger growth and more likely to provide a well established clone. In my experience that is


Yes and no… :wink:
Don’t be scared to try different things… :wink:
You will be surprised for sure… :wink:


You can clone from either. As pointed out clone taken during flower will take longer to root, it will also have unnatural growth patterns. Research monster cropping before you take a clone from flowering plant, just to make sure that’s what you want.


I say give it a crack and make a journal if you got the time & space… ill tune in :wink:


When do I plant a clone that has new roots ? The new roots are 1/2 inch or less , maybe 3 or 4 of them . Do I plant now in soil or wait for more roots to form ?


Im trying to figure out what it is im looking at … looks like a chinese lantern and the backdrop is a meditation garden :see_no_evil:


LMAO @GreenCoat thats so funny . Very poor picture , I’m sorry for that . I have clones in a cloning bucket that is new to me and I’m learning as I go . My question is do I plant into soil as soon as I see roots or wait for more roots to grow then plant . @peachfuzz, @ntmaremach .


In my cloner the roots start showing in just over a week. Once they do they take off quickly. This is what mine look like before putting in my media which is probably 5 days or so after showing some roots.


Should I wait for more roots before planting ? Your saying I should wait until they look like yours, correct ? I’ll wait a few days . Thanks


Always surpirised