Cloning Attempt (low success rate)

Any idea what the white “things” are? Also camera probably didn’t pick it up but there is also an almost hair like substance around it which moves very ghost like in the water. Maybe bacteria, mold or fungi of some sort? This has been sitting here over 1 month.

I had tried to clone via water but what I wasn’t aware of at the time is that the PH in my tap water is anywhere from 7 to 9 (as reported by some local tests). I was only able to get 3 clones (2 from one plant and 1 from another). Looking to increase my success rate by PH’ing water.

I clone in soil using rooting powder with a good success rate. Could be a mould of some sort. I have around 10 cuttings sitting in water just now, been there around a week now with nothing abnormal :thinking:

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I made a bubble cloner out of a small plastic tote. Mine has 2 airstones in it. Works good

Man I’ve used both gels and powder but been having no success at all, I believe the temperature here is what is causing major dehydration and humidity issues.

When I attempted to clone, Temperature was 90s and low humidity. Currently humidity is 50% and when rain falls it goes up to 80%-88% we normally get heavy rainfall on some days (we are in rainy season here). Our low at night would get 79.

So the only success I’ve really had is in water.

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Aww let’s see!

Over a month with no roots, then most likely it’s not gonna happen. Did you ever change out the water? When I did water cloning 20 years ago, I used a rooting gel on the cut and changed out the water every couple/few days and got roots in 2-3 weeks. If you are going to ph the water, go for 5.6-5.8, hydro ph levels, but it’s not going to help at his point.


I painted the lid black, cut 2" holes for netpots, and put 2 airstones in it


I set my temperature at 80 and the humidity wants to be the same. I use a heated propagator which helps keep things going plus I must daily as well

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Na I never changed the water. In fact the ones that did root I did nothing different that’s I would have noticed. Just cut and placed in tap water. But my tap water after reading is never consistent and Has different PH. So maybe that along with genetics play a part

This looks sick! But not familiar with netpots

Yeah sometimes you get lucky with an easy clone strain, sometimes not. I’d get in the habit of swapping out the water though, keeps bad pathogens, fungus, slime to a minimum and gives the roots a better chance at forming.

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@Jamezium do you grow in soil or are tou a hyro grower?

Funny enough just last night I attempted my first hydro clone. I’ve done a DYI and hoping to see it brings some success. Other than that I am a soil grower/compost

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I was asking because you said that the cuttings had been soaking for a month. I only soak mine long enough to allow them to take in as much water as possible before they go into soil. After they go in soil they get all their water from any leaf growth that they have while the roots start to develop. Once the root system starts they plants will start to draw water from the soil, around two weeks. Out of 100’s of cutting I have only had one root while in water, but it did now survive transplanting.

The only reason I had them there soaking that long because I had done some cuttings and left them in a bottle while I was trying to figure out what to do with them. When I had returned some weeks later they sprouted roots. My attempts had failed in soil but somehow successful in work left alone. Now I am moving my efforts to some other hydroponic mediums as well as soilless mixtures to see what works.

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