Cloning around a bit


Well just before my last plant went into flower I grabbed 3 clones and now they are showing new growth after 26 days…

all California Dream… love this strain…and easy enough to clone… :grinning:


Thanks for sharing. Are they good for outside Grow and good for pain?


@SmoknGranny I like it for my stress and pain…seems to help me…your mileage may very…lol :crossed_swords:


Tag @bob31 @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Coltfire @TxGrowman @Patsbasement @Smokin_ernie just to keep ya all up to date…I know I missed a lot of fellow growers! :wink:


This is where they started…


Nice @Capt_Seeweed love the clones lol
26 days not bad imo


I cut 8 clones and hope to have 2 survive because the dome somehow got dry and some of the leaves were wilting and curling :disappointed: Hopefully I can grab some more before flowering continues much further


My first girl is within 2 weeks of harvest… is it too late to take a clone? I hadn’t even thought about it before but what a great idea! Idk the strain but I’d like to grow another like her, especially now that I’ve found y’all and am learning so much :sunglasses:


You could try she may be far enough that it won’t matter if it stresses her. I am thinking the beginning and end of flower are the only good times as you don’t want to stress them


@GreenThunder if you do take it from the lower branches…are you into full flower??? If so I’m not sure I would take a clone at this time… :thinking:


Thanks. I’m dealing with both so any relief is helpful. Back brace my friend sent me helps a little but I think it’s too big for my small frame


Full flower… maybe 50% of the pistils have turned. Will take a pic later.
Thank you for the reply :sunglasses:


Effects Of California Dream Strain

The California Dream strain of marijuana is top shelf weed. Because of its effective sedative properties, this is a good smoke for evenings or before going to bed at night. You’ll experience a strong cerebral high, an energetic mind and major boosts of creativity.

As your high begins to settle in, you’ll find yourself feeling deeply relaxed, almost like you took a sedative. You mind even experience a little couch lock and laziness. Here are the effects of Cali Dream at a glance:

Body relaxing
Mind relaxing
Heightened Senses
Long lasting


I’m definitely interested. Thanks.


@Capt_Seeweed I just cloned mine two weeks ago tomorrow. Mine were taken during the veg period, were yours taken during the veg period as well? Just trying to figure out how much room I need for the clones while their parents are in flower to harvest.


Parents are outside and ready for harvest…not sure how I am going to handle these as they grow…but I am planning a bigger grow area this fall…just got to get it going… :man_farmer:


Well I wanted to share the two clones from July that have been outside…

my cali dream…her sisters are posted above…
and a White Widow…
check out those buds!!!


I may have 2 survivors one of each strain! Wow I totally flunked the cloning class.

  1. Didn’t realize my plugs won’t fit in the clone containers in my cloning dome. Huh? How do you use plugs with a cloning dome?
  2. My humidity is not maintained in the clone dome is my t5 burning up the humidity?


I plant direct into soil…Espoma with mycos…that and some rooting hormone…have had great success… :herb:
After rooting into a mix of Espoma and FFOF… :man_farmer:


You can make clones during flowering the clone will grow fast af but in the first like 2-4 weeks it’ll be very weird with thick round leaves and weird growing patterns overall. But you could end up with a higher yield as the motherplant!