Cloning and topping

Hey guys, I have a month old plant, not sure the strain because I got the seed from some mid grade stuff. I finally transplanted to the final pot and ahe is about a foot tall but she is healthy. My question is, her stalk is already healthy and so are her limbs. Would you suggest I clone off of her or just let her go and just top her as she gets taller?Uploading… all of her limbs are about this thick. I’ve topped her twice now and have had really good success. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

I believe the best time to take a clone is when you switch your hours from 18-6 to to 12-12. Then you have about 2 weeks to take the clone within that stretch time.
Wait until some of the professionals respond but as far as the cloning that’s when I take mine. Some of the pros might have better advice. Good luck and enjoy your growing


You can take a clone anytime once the plant is large enough. I generally take them from vegging plants while still under 18/6 schedule. Taking them during flowering period is generally referred to a monstercropping. Which is kind of it’s own method.


That’s a very good point @dbrn32. A healthy plant can take clones off of them pretty much anytime, veg.
I tend to do mine towards the monster cropping cuz I find I have a little better success, but it does take awhile (about 21 days from my experience using 2 T5 lights). Plus monster cropped clones seem to grow pretty wild with lots of strong branches once you put them under their permanent veg light.
It’s probably just a week maybe two to grow roots if you take a cutting during veg. So that’s probably less time for them to take root which is good too.
Good luck.


Even with my limbs are as thick as pencils? The plant is only a foot tall but the stock is a thick as a sharpe pen. I’m hoping when I switch to 12/12 it takes off but I’ve heard some strains are naturally short and bushy. I’m not concerned with her health because I’ve transplanted her twice and she didn’t droop. I don’t know if the picture went through or not, but the branches are almost as thick as my stock. She has 4 tops on the and I have pruned her side’s as well. Just not sure on the cloning yet since her twigs are so thick already.


I didn’t see picture complete upload. I’d be happy to take a look if you can get one up.

You’re branches aren’t going to get any smaller when you flip to 12/12. You could potentially get something from newer growth that wouldn’t be as big. But as @neckNflu pointed out, they usually take a little longer to root and show any vigor.


You also would want to determine sex being a bag seed could be male or female and clones would be same sex


@Donaldj, Is the best time to pull babies off for cloning at the light switch? I thought Robert (ILGM) had a video or sponsored a quick how to video. It would be great for some photos amigo @Jrock9435

The plant is only a little over a month and about a foot tall.

@Jrock9435, can you get another photo a little higher and further away? Is it male of female? It’s difficult for me to tell with that picture so low.

I’ll upload one with the light off once my phone gets some more juice!

4 tops right now


It appears that there would be something decent coming off of one of those main stems, no?

It’s a fairly compact plant, which does leave a little less branches for ideal clones. I’m wondering if you couldn’t raise the light up some and induce a little stretch into her?

For future reference, if you take your tops deep enough they will usually make decent clones too.

Really? So are they just a few inches tall? I thought I’ve heard of that before but I couldn’t understand how it would work. Are there any nodes above the 45 degree angle you cut off? Or is it just all crown with the main branch cut at 45 degree but only about 2 or 3 in tall? Thank you for any help regarding this. I appreciate it. Super interesting. Thank you


I was thinking the same thing, but then again i would much rather have a short dense plant.

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@Jrock9435 @neckNflu I’ve always taken the crown plus the next nodes. It does require your plant being a little bigger than bare minimum to top. They seem to take a little longer to get going, so I’ve only done it to a couple of plants.

Another thing that may be an issue, is I generally start my seeds under fluorescent or white leds. They usually develop plants a little differently than blurple. But I know there are a few others here that top to clone. @peachfuzz @Myfriendis410 any help here?


I was going to wait about two weeks to top it again. Here is a picture of when I topped it the first time, it grew 2 inches or so and is super thick after only a week. I had another grower tell me that she has never seen a plant this healthy being this young

this is also my first time growing as well.

@Jrock9435 I’ve taken cuttings in veg and flower and prefer the latter. They tend to be more vigorous than clones from a plant in veg. You can take tops, top branches or remove a lower branch entirely that you know will never amount to anything. I usually try for 5 or 6 inches and poke 2" in the ground with rooting powder on it. Cut back the leaves and dome it.