Cloning and how often it can be done?

I have a couple plants that I want to clone but I done know how soon it can be done, or late how late?

I also I know that it needs some growth hormones or something to help the rooting process, would anyone be able to help me with the best nutrients that they’ve used and had a good success rate?

You can clone any time you like, usually best if you have a branch with a couple of nodes on it at least.I take 1 cutting at a time and immediately place it into a container of room temperature water to prevent an air embolism from developing on the cut end. My medium consists of equal parts perlite, vermiculite and my home made compost in small plastic cups pre soaked with a diluted veg solution.I remove the cutting from the water and sever the leaves at a node and them gently scrape my razor blade along the part of the stem that will be buried to disrupt the stem cells .I then make an angled cut across the stem to expose fresh material and dip into clonex rooting gel. Pre punch a suitable size hole in my medium and insert cutting… Clip off any large fan leaves and mist clone with water and place in veg area. Good luck, its a great way to save exceptional plants and saves on seeds.


Cut any time in my opinion but in general the plant should be big enough to bounce back if you clone from it.
I use something called the Clone king. I have a 36 spot unit, all I do is cut my cuttings, put them in a cup of water and then trim each one by one and put them in the spots. Then fill the clone king with water and turn on the pump and sprayer. I place it under a 300 watt metal halide and forget about it for two weeks. Afterwards they are all there ready to be put in soil.


Do you have a link or a website for that clone king?