Cloning an Auto Flowering Plant

Hello Fellow Growers !! I have a question that I’ve been wondering about all season - Can an Auto Flowering be Cloned ??

Thank you

I’m pretty new at this but from what everybody says no you can’t cause you can’t revert it back to vegetation

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The simple answer is yes, any plant can be cloned. Auto flower plants dont live long and the benefits of cloning are lost on autos due to the short veg stage. If you were to take a clone off an auto , by the time it had developed a root system it would be entering the flowering stage.If you are after more flower ,plant more autos.


@mountainman1 Thank you for your reply , I so know that Auto’s very particular and just aren’t as flexible as Fem’s , Your answer makes perfect sense, now that I’m thinking about it , when you take a clone, that clones is actually the same age as the Mother , Thanks for clearing that up for me !!!