Cloning a Feminized plant

Got a quick question , Im not a newby but I was wondering if I take a plant that is feminized , take it to maturity , clone it and most likely it will turn to male , take the male to maturity for havesting the seeds , will I have seeds that are geneticlly back to its original strain, that I can grow get a female and start clone?

If you take a clone from a female plant, the clone will have the exact same genes as it’s mother plant. Therefore, it will be female as well. Along with any other clones taken from the same plant.


And I’m not sure if I read wrong, but male plants don’t produce seeds. Just pollen sacks that pollinate the female plants, which will in turn produce the seeds.


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All the clones from femenized will be female. That’s the advantage of cloning them. I do fee there is a higher chance of Hermies with clones though.

If cloning is your intention, @Growyourown seems to have explained exactly what you need to know