Cloning a couple of dozen from flowering plants?

Hey guys, it seems I was a little carried away with the number of plants I could manage in my 4’x4’ x7’ grow tent (8 plants!)
Now they are in the 3rd week of flowering, and I am noticing no matter how much I am super cropping and topping along with shredding off as much leave as I can without causing too much shock to the plants, I am sure that I can utilise some of the lower branches that aren’t getting the light and space required to get the most out of them.

I have a second tent that is 3’x3’x5’ and I have layed it down on the side to utilise the space for seedlings or clones.
I would like to attempt to clone even though they have already got flowers.
Is there any special tricks or secrets to successfully clone and return them to vegetative state without stunting the growth too seriously?
Cheers Snake

3 rd week of flowering is almost too late, but if they survive it will take a bit to reveg.
Lighting schedule of 24/7 until you vegetative growth will be your best bet.


For the cost of electricity and the light use unless u have no other ways to get thoss plants again besides clonong id say try clones from a new crop would be better suited. Reveg will take a long time and alot of light time to get it to reveg if it does. Some wont most will will alot of time. I believe @Hellraiser has one revegging for a couple few months before she showed green again i believe it was his plant

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On the upside you don’t need much light for cloning or revegging. Just a basic t5 fluorescent or led shop light is all I use until I start to see growth and then it’s Time to move under a real light.

I’ve had plenty of success with monster cropped clones but never really tried to take any clones past about the second week of 12/12. I have had limited success with reverting flowering plants to veg. I had two really nice monster craft clones last fall that I accidentally started flowering. They only received about four or five days of 12/12 lighting and they were off to the races . I tried putting them under 24 hours of light for like six weeks and they never really did much other than just slow down there flowering process.

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Cheers guys, I’ve got a heap of 2000-8000w led’s sitting around so I will have a shot at it as I successfully cloned half a dozen last week and they Have already rooted quite well considering I put them straight into perlite.
I just put course on the bottom of a disposable plastic drinking cup and crush up some fine powder to hold moisture better.
I haven’t seen much growth elsewhere but the roots are really established and ready for transplanting in a day or two?