Cloning a big plant

I have a big clone, where do I cut for new clones? please show me in a picture.

I don’t have a picture available but you’ll want to cut the mother plants (big clone) using a low branch long enough to fit into what your transplanting it into…and choose one with some leaf nodes on the lower portion of the branch.
I have instructions on how I clone on my journal

Pick a healthy offshoot with a few nodes. Cut the main stem of the shoot at a 45 degree angle to maximize the area exposed to the soil. Trim the fan leaves off of the lowest node. Dip the stem into a solution such as Clonex up just above the trimmed node. The trimmed node will serve as a rooting site as well.

Be sure to use sharp scissors or a razor blade which will provide a clean cut and sterilize your cutting tool before using it by washing it or dipping it in alcohol or boiling water.

Plant the cutting in your medium of choice and provide it with a warm (upper 70s F,) humid environment. I put a clear dome over mine. They do take a while to root and you will see wilting before your clone stands back up and begins to take root (10 days to 2 weeks.) It also helps to cut (crop) 30 to 50% of each fan leaf.



Thank You! done that and yes, it’s wilting for now

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