Cloning 5 week old WW


I broke a leaf off my plant and was wondering if i can can clone from it ?? the plant is 5 weeks old and just over a foot tall !!


You im really nit sure. I hav tried it but nothing happend… by the way thank you for the like :slight_smile:

If I were you I would’nt wast my time on the leaf… as you know I did 5 Generation s of w.w.
If you need sum advice don’t hesitate to ask me…o
B Safe



No absolutely not, you cannot clone a leaf from a plant it’s not possible


Thank you @Majiktoker I really didn’t think you could.



Am time my friend


Thanks for the quick replies ! I was just wondering if it was possible !! I seem to remember My Granny and Aunt doing something like that when I was a kid and I did i was helping them do it but with age some memories are foggier than others !! lol


They were more than likely taken clones but not the leaves
And I can completely understand the memory ordeal…lol



Well I fixed my clone problen by using “only” stems ! i even started a 1" clipping of a clipping and it took root as well lol ! Now I am just waiting to get them into the ground as soon as frost isnt a worry lol !


Then that’s good news. Keep us all posted.