Clonex rooting gel for sprouting white widow autoflower seedlings


hello everyone

i would like to know if it would be ok to use clonex rooting gel after my seedlings begin to sprout a tail…right now i have them (2 seeds) soaking in a shot glass of water and they have been there for only a few hours…my current plan is

  1. soak the seeds in water (already started that process)

  2. after the seedling sprouts it tail, dip them into clonex rooting gel

  3. place the seeds into Rapid Rooter Natural Plant Starter plugs

  4. place the starter plugs into my propagator with a heat mat and wait for them to sprout the plants

  5. after the plants sprout, put them under a 36w red and blue LED indoor growing lamp

  6. after the plant’s are are large and strong enough, re-pot them outside into 5 gallon smart pots with Black Magic potting soil

for reference:
Clonex contains 0.31% of indole-3-butric acid and 99.69% other ingredients (‘other’ ingredients unknown and not listed)

Rapid Rooter Plant Starter plugs contains peatmoss

thank you for any help any help and advice…:slightly_smiling_face:


@huncame It sounds like it would work good to me. I am not an expert, but I have read of other folks using it on their seeds. I would say go for it, but am going to tag some of the big boys here that know alot more than I do.
@Ray4x @bob31 @Laurap
Welcome to the forum and good luck on your grow.


Thats a a pretty thorough plan. Have you grown previously? @huncame


thanks for your help and for welcoming me into the forum…i hope it works…:grin:


hi bob…i have been looking around different places and at various methodologies on growing marijuana seeds…i have never grown marijuana and only began my plant hobby earlier this year when i bought 2 carnivorous plants…venus fly traps…they’re still around and doing very well…several weeks ago i planted several parsley seeds and they sprouted and are doing ok…i’m pretty much of a beginner as you can get…lol…:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well everyone has to start somewhere and I appreciate your learning to walk before you run. Growing MJ is addictive and rewarding it can also be $$ on a lot of stuff, but if you start off scaled down and add stuff as you go along, I think you will do well. @huncame

BTW there are 10 different ways to do most everything. One thing that is not optional if you will be growing potted MJ plants is pH.

pH meter, pH up and down and ph meter calibration fluid.

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hi bob and thanks for your words of encouragement and your suggestions…well, a small update…one of the seeds has sprouted and grew out its tail…about 2 hours, i dipped that seed into the clonex rooting gel and i placed it root first down into the peatmoss plug…that seed is now in the propagator dome over an electric heat mat…the second seed is is still in the shot glass but no longer floating…its at the bottom of the glass now…however, its starting to crack open and i can see the white of the inside of the seed…i assume that the root will be sprouting out soon too…i have a pre-heated plug ready to go for that one too…i have a PH meter but its a simple one…is this one ok?..if need be, i can get a better one…i can only stay very small mainly because of very limited space and what is allowed under the law…i live in a small apartment unit with almost no closet space and with a tiny east facing balcony…that’s why autoflowering cannabis plants work best for me…i’m glad they exist…



I always get nervous doing anything with the tap roots. I don’t even like to touch them lol. As an alternative, you can probably just dissolve some gel or buy the liquid clonex and mix into ph’d water. Then soak your rapid rooters.


I personally use this for not just cannabis seedlings but for clones and clipping from all sorts of plants,flowers, and fruits. Works especially well with blueberry clippings. I make up a mix of “greatwhite” and rainwater. Put it on an air bubbler for over night then soak my rapid rooter plugs in that mix then put in what ever and put them in a small tupperware container and put that in ziplock bag and set it on a heating pad, under a small clf bulb. Same with seeds. Ive also used that great white mix to re-wet the rapid rooters when didnt have a chance to soak them first.


That PH combo meter isnt accurate enough. You can find decent digital ones for lile 40$ or less on amazon. I do use that meter since its the combo to find out the best spot for plants and were they get the most out of the light. I also use it for the plants that arent as easy to lift up to check when to water, so i use that to get an idea how quick they are drying out. For PH its not very accurate.sorry hope this helps. I own one so your not the only person to make that mistake.


the yellow one is my PH meter and the blue one is ny PPM meter. Then i got a bottle of general hydroponics 7.0 calibration fluid for less then 10$ i think. Im currently running NOTG and they need ph’d. In the low 6’s. And at first it was kind of scary and new, but once u got a good meter its so easy and quick. You’ll wonder how comes u didnt get hip to it sooner. Good luck hope it helps


Similar to what I do, using different product. I agree it’s a fairly successful hassle free method.


I have also used great white like clonex to dip the clipping right in. I also use it after i have to flush a plant to add helpful stuff back into the soil to feed the micro-life in there. I have used clonex brand for clipping onoy in past no complaints. I use great white bc i use living and supersoils .


Be careful with peat plugs. Ive had bad experiences with them as well as quite a few other members on here. They get green and chock the plant as it grows. Ive seen monster outside stalks after harvest all deforemed were the peat plug choked them. Rapid rooters are differnt. I love them so far, but i will say next auto grow ill be planting directly in the forever home and placing a plastic water bottle over it. But other then that rapid rooters have always worked good for me.


@huncame this guys are on point!

If the seed sinks you can use a spoon and gently re-float it.Use what you have for this grow and the peat plugs just need to make sure they don’t hinder the plants growth. I don’t like them either. I use plain old solo cups and generic organic potting soil with perlite for starting seedlings.


i know how sensitive the tap roots can be…i use tweezers to touch the seeds…i make contact with the sides of the seed avoiding and contact with the tap root…then i dip them into the clonex rooting gel several times and then into the rooter they go…i placed the second seed into the second plug…i use rapid rooter too…i noticed that the first seed i placed in yesterday, its taproot has become swollen and now its digging its way into the plug…i wonder if it was the clonex that made the taproot swell so large…


thanks for the info…i know that this may sound like a dumb question; i assume you use the PH meter to test the water in the drip tray on the bottom the pot?..


i got it out, dipped the second seed into the clonex and planted into the root plug…i have a pretty robust soil on the side…black magic…that’s what i’ll be using when i transplant them later on…i was wondering…can i plant 2 cannabis plants into 1 5 gallon smart pot?..



i even read elsewhere of someone using clonex on venus fly traps (VFTs) too…i found that interesting because most carnivorous plants are extremely sensitive when it comes to soil mediums, water, and fertilizers…they can’t be planted in regular potting soil because the minerals will kill them in less than 3 days…regular tap water will also destroy them…most fertilizers will also do them in as well…avoiding those mishaps, they’re pretty hardy plants that can withstand heat pretty well and have been known to live for decades…my VFTs are planted in sphagnum moss…


@huncame I’m wondering about that soil @BobWags was it black magic soil you started out on?