Clones? Yes or No?

Hello All! So a friend of mine has offered to give me clones from her plants. Since I have never grown before, good idea??? I will be an outdoor grower as is she and she lives close to me and her plants do great so when she offered I said yes, of course, but know very little about growing to begin with nothing about this. Help??? Please??? I have had an epiphany of sorts recently and I really want to make this a success. I hope I can gain a little insight about this…I mean I have seeds as well, but this maybe sounded like a good starting point for me? @FyshhTrap, I value your knowledge because I see you know what you are talking about. Anything you can write to help me would be great!! I would love for my first grow to be a success. This is the becoming so much more a reality to me over the past couple of days…and I am getting extremely excited! Thanks!!!

Maybe @garrigan62 could help you better with this, as I don’t use clones and couldn’t give any starter advice on this and @Majiktoker @MacGyverStoner,@Paranorman

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Ok great thanks! I mean I have seeds as well and will be attempting my best at those…These plants kind of fell in my lap very unexpectedly and I want to make the best use of them as I can. I had some of her own last night and it was really nice…I was impressed, but not as impressed at others I have had recently…just thought it might be a good addition to my seeds.

@FyshhTrap Maybe once warmer weather hits and it’s time to get my seeds going I can use your experience to help mine along. I said it before…your bud of the month plants were extremely impressive and I respect and admire your patience and self control. Its a good trait…one which I wish I had more of sometimes :unamused: I tend to let my mind race ahead of me…Hoping to keep it under control for my first grow. Thanks for all your help!

Use the clones ill help guide you, that’s a good way for double the yield and wont take as long as a seed, its the same age as the donor plant it came from


Yayyy…I wasn’t really sure about it so I am glad for all and any help I can get.


First i would like to welcome you to our world @ ILGM

So i hear you want or have some clones.
First can you send me some pic’s of them so that i know where we’er we are at with them.
and fill out this support Ticket as it will help also.

As for me i have grown clones extensively for some time now…
I grew 6 generations of White Widow so i do know cloning

So ask what you will



I will def post pics when I get them…this was all just established last night. How do I fill out the support ticket? Excuse my ignorance but this is pretty new to me.

Sorry my falut I was going to post it.

better late than never

Have you seen the “support ticket”?

Maybe if you notice anything we haven’t already covered, point it out and answer it

to the best of your ability and maybe it will give us some ideas:

ILGM Support Ticket:

What is the strain?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted in ground or in a container?

Size of space?

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used?

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone) and of the water that is fed to the plant?

Type of nutrients used? NPK? EC/PPM levels?

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

Humidity %?

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?

Number “weeks/days” from into Season, Vegetative Growth or Bloom/flowering?

This is the 5 generation clones of Whie Widow just click the link

and this is a pic of the 6th generation small clones.
they are the 6th clone generation from the same plant


What region are you in, maybe we have folks from the area that have already done outdoor grows and can add tips. Like the Florida growers we have around for example. They know sand and salt etc. A Colorado grower will tell you the season here is too short for out doors. Our first snow averages the week after 12/12 days start.

Best time,to clone is late veg stage or first couple weeks of flower usually bottom branches of plant root fast when,cloned but tops of plants make healthier clones, you always cut at a 45 degree angle. To help root faster you can lightly shave the end of the cutting. Youll want to use a cloning powder or gel, the more the better as it will also help them root quicker. You want to do this as fast as possible because you do not want air getting to the inside of the stock. Let it sit in rooting gel for 15 seconds than plant in rockwool cube. Ph should be 5.5 and when watered mist down the leaves only they dont have roots at the base for the water yet. They do not need much light and should be around 80 degrees with 65-75% humidity, however this differs if they are rooted. If rooted they can take a stronger light and can be at 74 degrees and 60% humidity.


I am in upstate NY

Cool, l know I have seen folks from there around just can’t remember the names ATM.

I like to call the center clones my platinum clones and the side branch ones are regular. I have four ILGM platinum clones going now 2 WW fem and 2 Jack Herrer. I might never have to buy seeds again but I will.

No worries…Thank you so, so much. This will make it so much easier. And thank you @FyshhTrap for knowing those who know :smiley:

I hope I am as successful. Someone told me you guys are the best and they were def right!

Well what ever you want to know just ask i got so much to give it’s not funny.

so let me know when i can help ok i’m always here


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Here’s some great advice…

Read, read, do the best with what you have, read, read some more.
Get them planted, and then go read again!

Then log on to ILGM and ask questions!!!

I have been reading and then reading again…I tend to overthink things and get ahead of myself. :unamused: I just feel like I should be prepared and ready to go when the time comes. :relaxed:

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Nothing wrong with that.

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