Clones won't stop flowering

I obtained some 6 inch tall clones around Thanksgiving. They were originally very healthy, but they were neglected before I received them. When they were given to me, they had thick stalks and lots of small, mostly healthy leaves, but they were flowering.

I’ve been vegging them ever since. They have new growth, but some of the new and old growth are still making new pistols. They all went through a brief stage of making deformed leaves that were curved to one side and really dark green, but the growth looks fairly healthy and vigorous now. When can I attempt to clone these? They are starting to outgrow my space and I don’t want to flower them yet or waste cuttings or my time on failed cuttings

So here’s the fun part how long have they been in veg and what light schedule? do you have any pictures? Have you grown before? (not meant as an insult) just trying to get better idea are these plants in soil or hydro do you know ph of soil and water you have been giving them?
Have you been feeding them?

I don’t know their history before I got them, but they were in rockwool cubes. They’ve been vegging in soil at 20/4 since Thanksgiving, so about 7 weeks. I’m waiting to use my wife’s computer and I’ll upload pics, my laptop is being stupid. I’m a noob. I have a different plant of a different strain that is almost ready to harvest. I’m giving the clones FloraNova Grow 7-4-10 at a ph of about 6-6.5 adjusting ph with ascorbic acid I have handy. I occasionally give just water, but I haven’t been adjusting water ph, which is probably 7.4-7.8. I know I should fix that. Waiting on more funds to buy Foxfarms soil formula for better nutes. I think I repotted one since, but I started with them in Miriclegrow time release soil. I’m learning. I have a local hydro store where I’ve bought some supplies, but I’m nervous to ask for help there considering where I live.

Lol well Flora nova is a good product line and considering the age of your plants they are most likely mature so will produce pre-flowers even in veg your ph does require control even when not feeding because nutrients are still in soil. You want your plants healthy before attempting to clone and when going to local hydro shop if you have questions think tomatoes lol otherwise do ask your questions here.
What you need to do is keep your water ph in 6.2-6.8 range this allows your plants to use nutrients stored in the soil and prevent build ups

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I’m familiar with preflowers, but these are producing pistols, calyxes and some random sugar leaves. i cut off most of the deformed leaves.

Here are some shitty tablet pics. I know it needs repotted.

Here’s a pic of another strain growing next to it from seed using the same method.

I think some of the yellowing is due to using just water for a while a couple weeks or so ago. I’d been busy with work and I don’t write shit down like I should. All of my plants got some yellow lower leaves at the same time for a little while. I have some lower limbs tied to the pot for LST with the idea of making clones. I know I should let it go all veg first, but it has a lot of little limbs growing close together, crossing and being covered by higher foliage.

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Just curious but what size poy are they in?

I’m not sure about volume, but the smallest are 5 inch pots.

Is the plant you are having problems an auto-flower by any chance?

You do not need to re-pot these plants. Seeing there size; They will not outgrow those pots.

You can take clones from a flowering plant, up to 2 weeks into flower. It will not hurt to cut off a couple potential clones, and give it a shot. Use rockwool 1,5" cubes, and keep under a 18/6 photo period for best results.

You do not want to change the photo period for any plants showing pistils.

You have buds growing there! :slight_smile:

I don’t know the source of the plants, but I was told they were not autos. They are supposed to be Jack Herer crossed with power kush. They’ve been flowering since November even thought they have been on 20/4 schedule.

I think I’m going to try the cloning method where you wrap soil and shrink wrap around the branches. A few are low enough that I can wrap them and lay them on the soil.

That could be interesting seen that on youtube with a far larger plant.