Clones without dome


Hay peps i have done a few successful clones before but I’ve always followed the rules!!!im just wondering if you can just take a few good cuttings and dip them in clone gell or powder and put straight into pots or ground without all with cutting dome hotbox whatever you may call em! Of course i would put em in shade look after em in same way just no box :package:??



Good Question!

No roots so everything goes through the leaves. They need extremely high humidity. If it is really humid there, then you are all set. I think they will need to be misted even more without the domes tho.



Wicked thank for feedback well that’s it I’m going to give it a go! I’ll let you know how it all goes


I just used water bottles over the clones and 7 of 10 rooted. Misted a couple times a day.


Yes, you can do that , still need to mist them few times a day , but thats how I did my clones…


Cheers yer that’s what i was thinking of doing anyways its good to know it works then


I’ve never cloned before but last week, or there abouts, when my baby sat on my newly installed Scrog screen and broke off those branches, as an experiment, I took one branch and shaved off the outer skin on bottom third of her and chucked her straight in a little pot, no clonex or powder or gels. I put that under a clearish tub thinking she’d just shrivel and die. Before I go to work I take tub off and let her breath and just before the sunsets completely I put it back on. I don’t know if She’ll make it but thought I’d post anyway. She looked gone for a few days but slowly starting to look up.

lol, she looked better this morning. Bit warm today, I’ll have to find her more shade I guess. I ordered a led light for my fridge on the turps at 3am last night in case she makes it. (Note to self, stay off of eBay whilst heavily intoxicated) I bought 1 led as buy it now and am leading bidder on 3 more currently lol. Hopefully I don’t get them all but a spare would be nice lol.


Yup that’s one reason i don’t piss on anymore lol :joy:!! Anyway i think she might servie it been awhile since that happened cheers man good to now thanks


If it’s been a couple of days and she’s still standing , she will be good to go… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Good to know