Clones with same Mother so Different

Green Crack clone
Soil is Promix HP

Both have same mother and were cut from her on January 4. They were put into small pots you see in pictures on January 25. Added half liter of water with seedling nutrients as recommended on my GH Floranova schedule. They are both under a 16 true watt LED 5000k light. The soil remained moist until Jan 31. Seedling nutes again.

Jan 31 Seedling nutes in 500 ml water each. Big girl (in ppm 402 pH 6.9) (runoff ppm 1020 pH 6.3)
Runt (in ppm 402 pH 6.9) (runoff ppm 1040 pH 6.3)

Soil was moist til Feb 10

Feb 10 Seedling nutes in 1 liter of water each. Big girl (in ppm 362 pH 6.8) (runoff 764 pH 6.5)
Runt (in ppm 362 pH 6.8) (runoff ppm 797 pH 6.6)

They both have the exact same conditions but look at the difference. Plus the runt has different type leaves but it is an exact clone. I do put domes over them at night. Temps days is 23-25 C. Night 19-20 C.

There is a third clone from the same mother that is equal in height health as my big girl.

Any idea’s suggestions? Was thinking of culling the runt.

The bottom leaves on the runt in the pictures are the original clone leaves. The rest is new growth.


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Looking forward to replies, something to learn here.:cowboy_hat_face: I am hoping to sustain my operation with clones after I get a couple of grows under my belt.:leaves:

I’m wondering if little one just stayed a little soggy in the root zone.


@dbrn32 Never thought of that. She’s only had 2 liters of water since Jan 25. Hate to bother you but on another note what do you think of this light. I would like to add one more light to my flowering tent.



I started cloning after my second grow and have not looked back. I seem to have a hard time growing from seed. I have killed more plants growing from seed then I have cloning. The only thing I find with cloning so far is that some strains are harder to clone then others. I have cloned my Green Crack 10 or so times now with great success but killed 6 of my Northern Light clones. White Widow ant 50% successful but I keep trying. Less expensive then seeds as well. Happy growing.

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@dbrn32 I am interested in this lighting answer as well. Just set up my Veg tent with Viparspectra 450 but know I want my flower tent to have better lighting. Thanks, Jeb

Do you clone from a mother plant? If so, how do you keep the mother plant going?
Do you clone from clones? Is there any problem cloning a clone? Can you do this for ever?
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I literally just seen this light yesterday for the first time, someone else posted it here.

It had all 5 star reviews in us, and seems to have good light spectrum and power for the price. Without any hard first hand data it’s difficult to say more than that. But it certainly appears to be pretty solid for the price. @Momtomask


@dbrn32 probably nailed it with the runt. Take a bunch and cull the bad ones. That’s what I do.


Cloning is rather funny in that though plants are identical in genes they don’t always root at same pace if they were rooted straight in soil it would explain lots. I typically use starter pods like seedlings rock wool rapid rooters or peat and cut more than I want so I can be selective :wink: The smaller pods give me a chance to see roots form I select plants which root at same pace and are close to same size at start.
Sometimes the cutting doesn’t have same stored energy as others and roots slower or bacteria gets into trunk before it starts to recover cloning is simple but rarely has 100% success rate. A cutting can stall for many reasons


I started March last year and I’m on my 4th grow and I just don’t get much success with the clones, I’ve done 1 gold leaf but I have tried many many times, I’ve got a good stock of seeds but I had trouble getting them started at first, so I can do the seeds now and I’d hoped to be able to do the clones by now to to give me sustainability


I would like to clone from one mother but I do not have the room to keep a girl in veg indefinitely which you can do it you never change the 18/6 lights to 12/12. So that being said I clone from clones. I have not had any problems but some say you lose genetics after a while. @Donaldj clones from mother plants and has more experience then me cloning. This is only my 4th grow ever.


I’ve cloned from clone multiple times over and never experienced an issue. So don’t sweat it. You can also keep mothers in small pot and a little lower light intensity will keep them from growing too much. If they get big, just root something to replace her with, transplant mother plant, and flower her out.


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My clone grow journal White Widow Clone in Promix HP


I usually clone in peat pellets. That way I can see when the roots start poking out. Then I transfer to small pot with Promix HP.

Lately I have been experimenting with cloning in peat pots with coco. I wait three to four weeks and as soon as I see new growth I transfer to small pot with Promix HP.

I also read that some people use a clear plastic cups with whatever medium and put the clear cup into a red solo cup to protect the roots from light. That way you can see when the roots have developed. Haven’t tried that yet.
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Same as @dbrn32 said, I have took clones of clones also and have not noticed any drop in potency or quality. But like everyone saying I sure do noticed they don’t all grow exactly alike for whatever reason. But that’s nothing to sweat just make sure each one’s healthy in its own little space.


What cloning gel does everyone use? Was using Clonex but now trying this one.


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Clone greenhousel


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The most recent cloning gel I have used was Olivia’s cloning gel. For root propagation solution I used something called root juice but I’m out of that and did not seem to have a problem taking clones without it. But I found my root gel is a must.
Ps did you know you can take clones and use organic honey or aloe vera in place of cloning gel? I never knew that until I joined this form and that blew my mind. I’m yet to try using honey or aloe vera but on my next grow when I take clones I’m going to do some with my oLivia’s cloning gel and then some with aloe vera and some with organic honey and just see what happens. If you have questions regarding the honey or aloe vera you’ll have to ask some of the pros since I haven’t tried it. Sorry.
Enjoy your growing

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Have used clonex, super thrive, tweaked honey, and a mix of canna start and rizo. Can’t say there is a huge difference in process of any of them.

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Nice clone box. Very cool