Clones starting to Flower

On July 21 I took some cuttings from a ILGM Gold Leaf feminized strain. The plant was still in veg stage when I took the cuttings. Put them in rockwool and used cloneX rooting gel. Put them under a Blurple China light, 118 true watts. Light schedule was 14/10 All was well and had a 92% success rate. When plants started to root, I put them into a fogponic system that I built on Aug 6.
Now it looks like some of the clones are flowering. (6 of 12) This is my first attempt at cloning so I don’t know if this is normal or not. I increased the light to 6am to 9pm with little effect.

This is a bad pic but I think you can see the pistils

Has anyone seen this before and is it normal.

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Go 18/6 minimum, 14/10 is right now outside and all my plants are in active budding…
Mother nature calls :wink::wink::wink::wink:

Also a clone is the same age as your mother plant. So if the mother plant is now in flowering the Clone should be too.

That’s not true on the flowering part. Flowering depends on the light schedule, not the age. These are not autos.



@Rugar89 yeah you’re right. But the clone still is the same age as the mother plant and if you start 12/12 on both they will both be forced into flowering right?

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Thanks everyone for your response. @JedSanders I was thinking it had something to do with age too, but @Rugar89 is right it goes by light schedule because many that keep mother plants never let them go into bloom by keeping the lights on. @Ragnar I will bump up my light to a 18/6 schedule and that should correct the flowering. Thanks again for your feedback