Clones showing roots


Yesterday was day #15 that my cuttings have been in the humidity dome. Two of them are showing the first sign of roots.
When should I transplant them into soil?


I think transplanting to “soil” right when you see roots popping is best so you don’t compact the loose roots in transplant,


I like to see vigorous roots coming out before transplant since once out of the dome the only source of water your plants will have is from the roots. If you are using an airy mix compaction should never be a issue


Transplant -yesrerday - consider using a root stimulator for great root ball development ; remember the root ball is your foundation, stronger. bigger the foundation the bigger yields you will obtain


Thanks guys, love the way y’all are so quick with the response. I depend on you a lot and that seems to work good for me.
I think I’ll try to find a root stimulator locally (hard to do this time of year) and transplant in a day or two. Production is the name of the game, right? If I can’t find anything for this bunch, I’ll have it for the next, then compare the two.
This morning three more were showing roots. bringing the total to five rooted in the dome, This doubles the number of plants I started with two months ago. Cloning is definitely the way to go.
I’m having so much fun.


I now have eight rooted clones, half of the cuttings I took a little over two weeks ago.
No luck finding a root stimulator locally so I’ll order online and get these in soil tomorrow. Still hoping for more to root this week but half is better than I expected.


Here ya go. Also add a cap of hydrogen peroxide
This combo really helps the roots to take


This is not a product I am familiar with, but good to know. Thanks, Mike


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12 rooted clones this morning out of 16 cuttings. Planted 4 in soil that had good root growth. Could have planted 6 but ran out of soil.
The 5 oldest plants (from seed) went into the flower room on a 14/10 schedule. I’ll drop to 12/12 in a few days.
So far everything is going much better than expected. I planted 5 seeds and got 5 healthy girls.
I took 16 cuttings from plants #1 and 2 and have 12 viable clones so far.
I’ll take up to 18 cuttings from plants #3, 4 and 5.
No bugs, no disease, no burn and no major mistakes so far. Let’s see what Flowering brings.
Hoping for the best.


Know thats what we all want to hear. Great nob and keep us updated.



1st four clones are standing tall this morning and looking good. All of the other cuttings in the dome have rooted…that’s 16 out of 16. Donaldj’s system for rooting cuttings worked great for me, better than expected.
This morning I have to get more soil and I’ll stick with the Foxfarm Ocean Forest. It has worked well through the Veg stage on my first five Girls without having to feed at all.
The first five are now in the Flower room and they filled it up because they are so bushy with large leaves. Not much light is getting down to the lower branches because of all the large leaves. Should I prune them or leave them alone and see what happens?
As for my clones. I have read that I can either leave them in Veg or go straight into Flower as soon as I see new growth. I might experiment and do both just to see what happens.
If I put some into Flower, will they continue to grow?