Clones.. Share yours

Well… ive tryed cloning a few times and nothing took,… Till now!

This little girl is from my now preflowering Pineapple Chunk.
All i did was scrap off some “flesh” and cut all but 2 leafs, stuck her in some seed starter soil.

Plz share your clone stories…and pics :smiley:


I have tried twice to clone and failed

same here

This one is on day 5 or so and was taken from a recent top I took from another plant. I used Clonex and a Rockwool cube.

I’m not going to take it to maturity. It is just an experiment because I’ve never cloned before. I’ll probably transplant it to an 8" pot when I see roots in the bottom of the Rockwool cube and let it grow for several weeks just to see how it does.