Clones second Gen

so here it is i started 4 (AMNESIA HAZE (FEM) ) the mother I allowed to grow to harvest
I took two cuttings from each of my AMNESIA HAZE (FEM) that I got here
this time I’m trying in soil lset grow was hydro but my buds never got as tight as
I thought

Thanks for sharing and good luck on your next grow.

Some strains do not produce as tight a bud as others. Also; Lack of light intensity is more likely the cause as opposed to growing in hydro. FYI :slight_smile:

Happy growing

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hey thanks for getting back to me so soon after post
I think i have a few little things mostly humidity as seedlings and in gown
to name one
I had half the space i do now so trying to bend and shape
each to bush more
as well with the extra space taller means a bit lower humid
I went with 25 w per sq ft
larger fans for ventilation

short update week 2 of flower
the girls started to flower after the first week
been bending and trying to shape them lookin real good
get some pics soon

Ok week four in flower looking real nice
Tried a bit of LST made them spread out a bit should make for more colas SMILES
Let ya know later

does anyone know about cloning if the mother was 4 weeks old is the clone the same age
like I cut the clone at 4 weeks but took 2 weeks to regrow roots does that make the clones 6 weeks old then ? or a seedling as in feeding it after its takes to its pot ?