Clones rooted then died off

I cloned 7 off my jack herer my question is. I’ve already lost 4 out of 7 cause my room got too cold I think. Their 3 weeks old still in solo cups, so I put them in my tent with the other 2 ( in week 5 flowering)that are on 12/12. Temp 80 43% humidity, is that too much for them to survive in early stage?

Better to have a mid-70’s temps. 14 hours a day. 12 hours will make them go straight into flower.

Suggest you use clear 9 oz cups to better monitor the root progress. Use another cup for a humidity dome. Drainage holes are essential.

I give you suggestions with little information from you. How did they die? Turn yellow and fold over? Turn black and curled up?
When you ask for help…best to include clear light pics, several of plants.

Sorry didn’t take pics but most definitely will in future. They turned yellow and the tops got droopy, their only bout 4 inches tall.

43% humidity is part of what killed them. Also since they have no roots, you should foliar feed for a higher success rate. I use this to foliar feed:
HydroDynamics CLOMIST300 Mist, 300 ml, Brown/A

Ya 12 hrs is gonna promote flowering for the lil girlz…get some pics up, we all love pot porn! On the contrary I’ve always heard clear cups is no good - keep roots away from lights? Ya some more info is definitely needed. If ya got some other girls in flower your on the right track. I also know a lot of guys do 18 hrs some even do 24 hrs on clones, keep the humidity up and no nutes immediately after for a bit. Are you pH’n the water, how.low temp did it get???

Here are my jack herer in flower I might of over clipped the fan leaves but so far so good. And 3 of 7 clones they really likes the tent. I took them out after 2 days they really perked up. Dont have any pics of the dead ones, kinda mad at myself for letting them die off. It got down around 60 in my basement that night.