Clones Or Seeds

I started some clones and the one noticeable thing is the symmetry doesn’t exist like you have with a plant started from seed. Is there any difference in the quality or growth? I will use the clones in a SCROG grow. And, pruning seems a little more interesting.

There will always be s difference in the quality in growth when you pit seedling up againest a clone.
Which one does the best remaine’s to be seen.
There are to many viable s in one’s grow to even to make an educated guess.


In my experience, clones will grow to the same height and width as long as they are from the same mother plant. Same genetics; Same age.

If you are talking about the fact that an un-topped, undisturbed seedling gets to grow into a bush. Then I must say; That is not the same thing.

If you attempt to grow several plants from seed; You will definitely see different characteristics from plant to plant. :slight_smile:

Every “cone” is different - one reason why one use’s clones is because of the time factor (shorten’s grow/harvest times) If the "mother " plant was good chances are your clones will be the same (good) Good - you can use then in SCROG,ect Happy Cultivation

I’ve seen the difference in plants from seed to seed like different fingerprints. This is the 1st time I cloned and it seemed weird the loss of symmetry in the plants.