Clones, keep them or start over

A question from a fellow grower:

This is my first year of growing four ladies in my backyard garden in Oregon. I started them from four clones that I obtained from a local med dispensary. Is it possible for me to keep cuts or clones of them alive over the winter so that I can plant them next spring? How do big growers/clone suppliers end up with clones in the spring? I’m trying to find out how I can perpetuate some of the plants through the winter for next year’s planting. Or do I need to buy new clones or start from seeds each year?

Since I am sure it gets cold there in the Winter; You would need a shed or something top keep the clones warm. Place a clone or 2 in separate 1 gallon pots. Keep them under 24/0 light to keep them from stretching. IN the middle of Winter; If they are getting too big; Clone them again, and keep thos plants for the spring.

You have to be creative in order to do what you want. Commercial growers use indoor grow rooms to have clones in the Spring.