Clones in flower, how many is too many

I currently am running 5 gallon pots and vegging for 2 1/2 to 3 months before placing in flower. I would like to lessen my grow time by running large quantities of clones.

Was wondering;
1.) how close is too close to plant them to one another?

2.) how many can fit in a 27 gallon tote from local hardware store?

Thank you for any insight

I used up12 clones in this very simple SOG. They are in 6" nursery pots on a 24x22 rack.

I pruned them to a single colas with very little branching. It has been a fun experiment.
This from last week

Check out this grow. Is probably the answer to your question Sea of Green in cups

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Thank you for the help. I’ve got this going on and trying to get it to where it’s a little more manageable picture 1 is veg pic 2 is flower