Clones help with steps

So I got my clones there dipped in gel in a super sprouter with a gallon of water good ph I was seeing when you open up the humidity holes from the dome or if someone that used this method can tell me step by step up to when they have roots I’m going to be putting them in soil grow

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Hey guys, Dylan is a buddy of mine if you can assist him.

@Dylan508 Can you post that pic? I think you had a question about level of humidity for clones.

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It depends on when the clones were cut and also the can get some airflow but do better with more humidity, the air and breathing is more to prevent mold and give them a healthy supply of oxygen


Just were cut and dipped yesterday Girl Scout cookie clones guy told me to dip in clonex when we cut them I put them in plugs inside the root sprouter and he told me to fill the bottom of the tray half way he gave me good ph water but I’m looking up other people saying they spray there clones with water? Am I doing it right or wrong

@Pothead420 mike listen to this thread

If they were cut yesterday when would you let them have some air what day?

Did he happen to tell you what the PH was? More curious than anything.

Do you have an RH meter? Something like this?

Being cut yesterday id give them 2-5 minutes of fresh air tomorrow, and every other day

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5.5 maybe I totally forget to be honest

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I’m making a grow room this weekend before These clones are rooted so I’ll have all the thermostats and ph readers all that this weekend hopefully

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Matt how’s 5.5 around for clones ? Do they require nutrients as clones with no roots yet because all he told me to do is give them the good ph water until they grow roots and are ready to be planted

I haven’t done clones, just seeds but I imagine PH depends on what growing medium they’re in. What are the plugs made of? Looks like peat maybe?

I think you don’t want to use nutrients, just the rooting gel or whatever you originally used.

@Dylan508,when I clone ,and just put in soil last week all I do is dip in clonex ,soak soil they are going into let drain m,make hole , cove then onky spray for next two weeks , I don’t use a dome so to speakbut do get good humidity , I open them up once a day for an hour to breath, I’ve had a 100%success Rate so far with this method

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Did u ever hear of filling the bottom half way so the bottom of the plants gets water instead of spraying them because that’s what I’m doing and that’s what the guy i got the clones off of told me to do

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U can see the water in the pots that don’t have a plant in them

Matt I think the plugs are rapid rooters


So soilless. That ph sounds about right then. I would think a tad higher 5.7 maybe, but sounds like he gave you the correct ph.

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Do you put the clones in soilless soil or soil like FFOF?