Clones have moved in with mommy

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Flowering time!


Nice. Great job.

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First timer here!!! My auto flowers are at 17 days…could somebody let me know that everything looks ok!?!


Looks perfect. Should top it at 4th or 5th node.

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Is it time to top now, or is it still too early, it’s an auto, so I don’t want to stunt the growth!? I’ve got no idea wtf I’m doing, so any advice will help! Just trying to grow my own PTSD med!!!

I’d wait another week or two and then top or fim. Here are some NL autos I have going in another tent. You get more tops this way. The plants get wider and bushier. I have space constraints too, so it just makes sense for me.

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@Bigducks72 Look at the first pic I posted. See how the plant is a Y shape. That’s from topping. I didn’t use LST either, just put a wire to make the Y wider and let light in.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the advice! I’m currently in a 4x4 with 3 plants, one is doing awesome, one not so much, and one is a week behind but appears to be killing it!! That’s the second plant, she’s at about 9 days so far!!!

She’ll catch up fast. Once the get full roots they explode with growth.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Astrocreep Collie bud grandbabies…3 generations going at once.

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Fyi… the tester that you are using in those pics are junk… I would suggest you look into better equipment for testing your ppm and ph… :wink:

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