Clones Going Going To Need Food


I just put two clones into TRUPUR grow medium and used one drop of Super Thrive per one gallon of water ph at 6.0. I have four cuttings I just placed into an Oxy Clone set up and I’m waiting for those cuttings to set roots. After all of the new plants have had time to set up good root base I will put them into five gallon pots, I’m guessing a minimum two weeks before transplanting. Once all the plants are in TRUPUR does any one have some ideas about what nutrients I should start feeding. I’d like to stay on the organic side and I realize organics have to break down before the plants can use the nutrients. So I figure I’ll need to use some Mycorrhiza right off. Thank you to all of you out there in the vapors reading this stuff. I hope I get a little honest feed back.




I’m not familiar with TRUPUR, but I’m guessing it’s something like pro mix? Anyway, once your clones are rooted, you should consider them mature plants, same “age” as the mother. That said, depending upon what, if anything, is in the soil, you’ll want to supplement, or hold out, accordingly.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I hope that helps some. Welcome to the forum, by the way. And I took a peek at your profile, saw you’re also a veteran. Thank you for your service! You’ll find a great bunch of us vets here, all wanting to help others grow the best meds we can. Not just the vets, though. I haven’t seen anyone shooting for anything other than to improve someone else’s grow, or to compliment them. You’re in the right place!


@elheffe702 Thanks for the welcome. TRUPUR is a coco fiber mix w/o nutrients, so I’m looking for nutrients suggestions for the growth stage once I put the clones into five gallon pots and put the plants under LED lights for their growth period { veg } I want to stay in the organic types of nutrients as I take enough meds myself and don’t need to add more chemicals to this old body.

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I hear that! I would have a look at Nectar For The Gods. You can search on here for NFTG. They seem to be the soup du jour lately. Nutrients might be tricky in a hydroponic-type medium like that. It seems like I’ve read something like that somewhere. I can’t give you solid advice there, unfortunately. But I’m sure others who can will chime in. I believe @Myfriendis410 uses coco, and I know @Mrcrabs clones like nobody’s business. They’ll get you some more info, or at least get some others on this thread. :+1:


I have both coco and Promix running. I like the media within it’s restrictions. Let me recap:

coco tends to retain salts, and also tends to absorb calcium and magnesium; making it unavailable to the growing plant. Some additional cal mag is a good idea. Flushing periodically is also a good idea. I use Flora Kleen and there’s also Sledgehammer as well as plain old water.

You would use a DTW (drain to waste) schedule with whatever nutrient line you adopt. I have used GH two part (a high quality nutrient but not organic), Fox Farms dry trio (without any veg nutes–I stayed with GH Grow) which is higher in organic sourced nutrients and I’m using a product now from Grow More called Grow and Bloom.

Be careful when they’re small to not over do it with water. Once they fill and occupy the larger volume you will be watering daily. 5 gallon may not be enough for your root ball: I use 7 gallon but I transplant up 3 or 4 times.

Feeding schedules can be mild to aggressive. I have used feed, water, feed, water; feed, feed, water etc. TDS values around 900 PPM in veg and around 1,300 PPM in flower. PH should be 5.3 to 5.8. 6.0 is too high.

Hope that helps. If you want to get someone’s attention just use the @sign like this: @Not2SureYet. He’s growing coco and may have some input too. @Countryboyjvd1971 uses Promix but most of this applies; he’s on top of it.


Mycorrhiza builds a network of fungal fibers to help roots work better. New clones have no roots! I would spray the leaves with some 1/2 strength grow nutes every six hours to keep them moist. I would use some soluble chemical nute instead of something organic. The NPK has to be available now, not eventually.

All the organic stuff depends on a complex ecosystem that breaks things down to become available. New clones don’t have that yet. Keep your cutting moist for 15 days and it will grow roots. Then you can go organic.

BTW, you don’t need CalMag if you are using hard tap water. The “hardness” is calcium and magnesium. You need it if you are using rain or RO water.


@elheffe702 thanks buddy for the tag, @29crankOver I grow outside the box, I use cocowater for just rooted clones out of my bubbler , I’ll tag you over on my clone grow journal, just so you have a different way of nutrients, I don’t use bottled nutes but my @Myfriendis410 has you covered with bottled nutes


Good point. Mine IS that hard! But you can still see it crop up so just keep an eye on it. I have it happening now on one plant.